Bank Atty Tim M. Ryan Web Deception

Timothy M. Ryan bank Attorney Caught in Web of Deception re Horses

Timothy M. Ryan, of Anaheim  now Irvine, CA, former bank attorney for both Wells Fargo and B of A in the Susanville horse case which Ryan helped to climb into a “national” debacle, forwarding Grace’s defamatory video, and bragging online (Facebook, blogs, news forums, public forums and more, some of which are apparently now recorded into one of the Federal court files for the record)–has created a trail of wreckage in the case, and has been replaced as “counsel” by both banks, with attorneys from San Francisco.  It is expected that the “replacement” attorneys will continue to follow Timothy M. Ryan’s unfortunate actions, rather than facing the ultimate truth of what Timothy M. Ryan actually did. this is one attorney that not only USED Facebook and other social utilities, he took it upon himself to set up a giant PR campaign against animal owner, but blames Beth De Caprio for defaming him on the same type of nonsense?

What  Timothy M. Ryan actually did was not only deception, but outright abuse of process or  fraud, if done intentionally- which is clearly shown by the evidence that apparently no other party except Grace, is willing to admit. That is likely due to the contributed wrongdoing of the others as well. In order to accomplish all this, it required apparently, bank attorney to hire a broker or realtor with a bad record, who had never handled a receivership in her life, who was controlled by Ryan, all motions written by Ryan firm, argued by him; then Ryan firm instructed Receiver NOT to allow horse owner to touch or take any personal belongings or possessions from the residence/ranch, despite being in bankruptcy. If he did, the sheriff would arrest him because he was not to set foot on the property.

When the vet so-called “witness” –formerly working with CEO rescue—won’t show up to testify as to the horses’ condition, and when star witness CEO won’t either (since she sued Lassen County) and when the Lassen sheriffs escort the CEO out of the courthouse–it’s pretty obvious there is a huge problem. The DA has refused to now drop the case and horse owner has refused to take a plea. By now, the speedy trial that wasn’t is mired in so much crap it would be nearly impossible to prove anything unless everyone wants to be a lying witness?

Investigation into the case shows far worse conduct than first believed, and involves quasi criminal and possibly criminal actions, especially when done by an attorney in this state.

We are again talking about the horse rescue, the alleged abuse case from Lassen County, where the “rescue” (The Grace Foundation of Northern CA) that took the horses, is now claiming the rescue was bamboozled by Wells Fargo and B of A. And she may go broke (unless banks pay her millions?) Grace’s lawsuit in El Dorado Superior Court seems to have been moved to Orange County Superior Ct by a venue change by Ryan’s defense attorney. Lassen County did not oppose the venue change since having the case in Orange County would lessen the impact on Lassen County liability in their own County. **(We were right, CEO and non profit got evicted from the ranch and are not really doing much.)

New counsel for the banks carefully asked the bankruptcy case to move the issue of the horses to the state court, and of course upon doing so, the state court judge took all ownership from the owner, if he even had any ownership left at that point. With horses having been sold, went missing and some died, while some were injured and died or killed by Grace, it’s impossible to know what Grace did with all the horses.

Attorney Timothy M. Ryan is now suing The Grace Foundation for “Trade Libel” “Defamation” and “Intentional Interference with Contract.” Unfortunately, the CEO non profit insurance apparently paid off Ryan.

Here is what the Grace Foundation of Northern California had previously stated to the public:

Misrepresentation by attorney’s (sic) for
Wells Fargo and Bank of America
leaves The Grace Foundation with over
$400,000 in costs and over 70 horses to care for and feed.

According to Grace, “the banks and Lassen County signed ownership of the animals over to Grace” but within days of removing the animals, bank attorney told Grace that owner had filed bankruptcy, so Grace no longer had “ownership” of the animals. Further, the attorney allegedly told Grace to cease any adoptions and non emergency medical procedures.   According to the records we saw, Grace NEVER had any ownership of the seized horses at all, at any time.  Including NOW. At best, she had/has temporary, custodial care.

What actually happened is that the Wells Fargo attorney Timothy M. Ryan used a “Receiver” and filed a motion to seize the horses claiming exigent medical condition, saying the Receiver was taking animals for the County.  Whether true or not, the County failed to offer, give or hold a post seizure hearing according to CA Penal Code law, which is a due process issue. There also was no warrant used. Owner was not allowed any opposition in court or otherwise.

Court records show that the U.S. Trustee stated:  ”Instead of abiding by the bankruptcy stay, the attorney for WFB and BAC, after notice of the bankruptcy petition’s filing, proceeded to litigate WFB and BAC’s state court action and pressed a contempt sanction on 8/19/11 for the apparent purpose of providing the Receiver complete access to Debtor’s real and personal property.”

According to Ryan, the “Receiver” secured $40,000 grant from the banks to fund the transfer of the horses, and Lassen County signed a surrender order “granting the Receiver authority to surrender the horses to the rescue through the County.”  Notice that the “funding” of  $40k did NOT come from Lassen County. It is pretty obvious that Ryan and the County were working in concert to devise this transfer, with Ryan claiming it was the “Receiver.”  It was never the “Receiver” as the Receiver had already admitted that Ryan drafted all the documents and she just signed them.

Even assuming that Grace thought she was obtaining “ownership”,  does the physical possession mean ownership?  Did Grace ever obtain legal custody, legal ownership, or legal anything? Will attorney Ryan or the banks have to pony up the $$ to Grace because Ryan failed to tell the truth about the owner having already filed bankruptcy, or maybe because Ryan misled Grace? Would Wells Fargo have to clean up Ryan’s mess which was obviously done intentionally?

Grace stated in January 2012, that the bankruptcy court abandoned the animals and they belonged to her.  Well, not exactly. Abandonment by the Trustee usually means that he/she allows debtor to have the property, and the Trustee abandons an interest in the property. That does not extinguish ownership of the property as to the debtor.  So obviously Grace has only custodial temporary care of the animals.

This case involving the Wells Fargo attorney, the rescue, animal control and Lassen County, the District Attorney and more, is very complex, and was made more complicated due to the Wells Fargo attorney.  This is just the culmination of what appears to be many legal issues created by bank attorney Timothy M. Ryan, and many of them will likely prove to be very detrimental…. to Ryan.—Susanville-update—please-help-us-to-right-this-wrong-.html?soid=1101922533524&aid=wzXj2eq5z_M

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