Birdie Video People Tell Truth About HSUS Passing Anti-Pet Laws!   Absolutely stunning birds!

Pass It Forward !!

Elephants Walk (What the ARs are Trying to Stop Nationwide)

  1. H$U$ “Charity” Alert | Pet Defense

    Update: The law SB917 passed in CA and goes into effect 2012. A lawsuit is in the works and you can. read about it at The wording of the 

  2. WAGON TEAM: Use Internet, Craigslist, etc to SPREAD THE WORD

    Dec 19, 2011 – ”CIRCLE the WAGONS!” to Fight SB917 in California · Wrong Seizure, Fee, “Charge” for Due Process · When Animal Seizure is Done Wrong… 

  3. California Animal Law Case— “NO Warrant Required” Entry | Pet…/doggie-noise-calif-warrant-or-no-warra…

    Dec 18, 2011 – CIRCLE THE WAGON TEAM!  Help Fight SB917 Lawsuit …. The law of SB917 as written makes situations which are NOT abuse into animal 

  4. Images for sb917 circle the wagons

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