Can YOU Pass the AR “Abuse” Test ?

According to Animal Rights, which of the following are animal abuse:

  • Not feeding the right food
  • Not clipping nails fast enough
  • Having ears cropped
  • Having tail docked
  • Having mats in the fur or tangles
  • Not having perfect dentistry or teeth cleaning
  • Having any type of insect bites
  • Having animal on display and you aren’t a rescue group
  • Showing animal in public, and you are a rescue group
  • Transferring animal in public, perhaps from your vehicle
  • Giving away animal anywhere in public that is on public ground
  • Trading animal anywhere, outside, that is on asphalt
  • Wearing wrong collar, it slips off
  • Not wearing a collar, because it slipped off
  • Not wearing a muzzle
  • Wearing a muzzle
  • Owning the wrong breed
  • Owning more than X number of pets
  • Owning a pet at all
  • Buying a puppy from the paper
  • Buying a puppy from neighbor
  • Buying a puppy from breeder
  • Buying a puppy from commercial breeder
  • Buying a puppy from anyone not a breeder
  • Buying a puppy from a store that sells puppies
  • Buying a puppy from a show dog person
  • Buying a puppy online from known source and puppy is fine
  • Buying a puppy in public because you are afraid to let strangers into your home
  • Buying a puppy at ALL
  • Obtaining a “registered” dog
  • Obtaining a “registered” cat
  • Selling a puppy outside
  • Selling a puppy inside
  • Selling an award winning puppy
  • Selling a 3 legged puppy for $350 that HSUS seized in raid
  • Telling people you own a pet and it’s your property
  • Owning 2 puppies, not from shelter
  • Claiming to rescue animals but actually killing them and putting them in very large freezer with room for 85 more
  • Rehoming 2  dogs by sending via cargo transport
  • Telling shelters to kill all 500 animals because some are sick and if you dont kill ’em all then one will still be ill– maybe
  • Raiding/seizing animals with invalid warrants then selling those animals for $350 each,  or allowing 3rd party to keep them, alter them, then sell them while you are in court for 3 years
  • Accusing people of paying a Plaintiff to BE the Plaintiff so there can be standing in the case to keep moving forward, even though the Plaintiff unequivocally got $200,000 for it
  • Taking animal to the pound after it attacked your niece
  • Buying animal from the pound, not knowing it had attacked before
  • Letting your dog have puppies, cute ones
  • Killing your own dog because Bad Rap says it’s better than the shelter and that there is no such thing as no kill for pitbulls
  • Letting someone else kill your dog
  • Owning a purebred with excellent health, temperament and conformation but never breeding because you might get cited for being a “puppymill”
  • Owning a dangerous dog because it’s a ‘dangerous dog’ breed?
  • Reporting a dangerous dog to get $5k from HSUS on the snitch program or the turn in a neighbor child watch program for kids
  • Adopting out a known biting dog because you don’t want it in the shelter
  • Selling a known biting dog but thinking someone can fix it
  • Selling a dog even if it doesn’t bite
  • Transferring a known biting dog and pretending it doesn’t bite
  • Selling a dog with parvo and hoping they will fix it
  • Adopting a dog with parvo from the shelter
  • Your dog got parvo on Oprah show
  • Oprah’s parvo dog died but it’s the fault of the other guy
  • Your dog beat up a bigger dog after the other dog jumped on yours
  • Your cat scratched your hand
  • Your cat got fed bad food
  • Your cat had 3 kittens
  • Your kittens ran away
  • Your kittens are feral and you can’t catch them
  • You didnt alter your parrot and you hatched captive birds
  • You sold your little birdie for $800    $1300   since it was hand raised, fed and its an expensive blue macaw
  • You didnt alter your goat but got goat milk
  • You didnt alter your show,prize winning dog
  • Using a leash for a  cat, rabbit or chicken
  • Not using the leash for the dog in competition
  • Using a dog crate
  • Not using a dog crate
  • Not using a HUGE dog crate
  • Using a dog crate the “wrong” size
  • You won a prize in showing your dog
  • You advertised a pet quality dog in newspaper/got raided
  • You bought a dog and it later got sick
  • You adopted a dog and it later got sick and died
  • You gave back an adopted dog to shelter and they killed it
  • You took out a shelter dog and it had already bitten 18 times
  • You got a rescued dog which had bitten 20 times and no one told you when you got it
  • You got a free dog and it bit you 5 times
  • You paid the shelter for a dog and it killed your other dog
  • You paid the shelter for a cat and it caused your baby to become ill
  • You wanted a shelter dog, shelter said no, so you found another dog and purchased it
  • You wanted a non shelter dog and bought it outright but lied to friends so they wouldnt know it wasn’t a shelter dog
  • You believe animals are not people but arent sure about it
  • You found out most fatal attacks by dogs are from those dogs that are rehomed, rescued or the shelter even though that category of dogs is only about 14-17% of all owned dogs…….hmmm…..
  • You believe animals are people
  • You believe eating meat is illegal, immoral and not ethical
  • You believe pets are not “products” so one cannot own them
  • You think buying an animal amounts to slavery
  • You think a retarded child is worth less than an animal
  • You think zoos mean abuse because they’re in a zoo and better off dead
  • You think aquariums are jails and abusive and no kids need to watch fish swim inside tanks
  • You think horses pulling wagons or carriages is sick
  • You think working animals shouldn’t work
  • You believe guardian animals should not guard
  • You think extinct animals should stay that way (no breeding)
  • You believe that chickens can’t live without fancy digs
  • You used antibiotics on an animal; or you refused to do so
  • Pass the AR “abuse” test Forward– to Everyone!

3 thoughts on “Can YOU Pass the AR “Abuse” Test ?

  1. anyone who believes that every breeder IS a “PM” does not understand legal issues.
    HSUS is designed to take down all breeding and using “PM” to categorize ALL
    breeders is just another way to brainwash people into generalizing that ALL of
    anything is the same. There can be substandard, and standard, and great.
    There cannot be “PM” as a legal definition, and the standard of care can be
    great, but animal rights will still say it’s substandard no matter what.

  2. Good site…but Stop Calling them “It” please. It = an inanimate Object (like a Rock to do anything you want to them.

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