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AC Shoots dog in Face–Not a Pitbull Dog, No Charges Filed CHARLES CITY COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) — A special prosecutor has decided not to pursue charges against an animal control officer who shot a family’s dog in Charles City County. The news comes after state police completed their investigation, at the request of the Charles City County Sheriff’s Office, into the actions of Frank Bates, the animal … Continue reading


Join the Crusade Against the HSUS+Pass It Forward!—-> Since HSUS is very big on seizure, forfeiture, and taking property claiming abuse, it behooves all of us to realize that IF HSUS decides to use quasi-legal tactics to take your computer, documents, cell phone, or database on another drive, you better have it all ready so … Continue reading

Even in ’97,Quasi-law enforcement a Problem by Humane Groups…

A state law more than 80 years old (!) allows animal welfare groups to appoint humane officers who have the power to wear law enforcement-style uniforms and badges, and conduct criminal investigations with minimal oversight. That invites abuse, said Henry Rossbacher, a former U. S. attorney in Los Angeles who has filed a $5-million lawsuit against local Humane Society officers for their … Continue reading


I don’t watch that much TV and I never saw this 20/20 show before….but here it is, in case you didn’t see it either………this is the type of seizure that $HSUS$ loves to be involved in, only they like to use helicopters as well, and they don’t just SEIZE the dogs, they KILL them if … Continue reading

HSUS…Forfeiture+Deceit=AR Wingnuts Fleecing the Public

HSUS bragged and bragged they helped take down big time legends of dogfighting. HSUS helped get every dog killed, yet the people could not get a conviction on the Boudreauxs.  They did the same to the Pat Patrick dogs, killed every single one.  The people (AZ) could not get a conviction on Patrick.  Another case … Continue reading