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Join the Crusade against HSUS+Pass It Forward!

Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Pass It forward–> Orig. posted April 2009—Only things are even worse now!!  could be changing!!   2013 may be year of some change………why? 1. HSUS has been outted by many other sources, re IRS issues, over-lobbying, bad seizures, working against all commercial and breeder selling, regardless 2. APHIS Federal challenge has … Continue reading

Petco-AR + HSUS, NAIA +Aphis + Who’s On Second?

Re: PETCO+HSUS: Dear Dog Breeders and Industry Friends, Everyone has to make decisions every day, including businesses, and generally we assume businesses have their customer’s  best interests in mind. Unfortunately, that is not always the case with every business.  Consider Petco and their relationship with HSUS.  Read Petco/HSUS partnership click here.  Dog breeders are fully aware of HSUS’ … Continue reading


JOIN THE CRUSADE AGAINST HSUS+PASS IT FORWARD—> “If a person fails to comply with a code of practice they will not be liable to proceedings of any kind, but failure to comply with several provisions may be used in evidence to support a prosecution for animal cruelty.”  Just out from the UK news…..      or    … Continue reading

Still Have Doubts re HSUS? 6 More Anti-pet Laws…..

Joint the Crusade Against HSUS+Pass It Forward!!—-> Here ya go, about 6 MORE newly sponsored laws that HSUS either sponsors or would sponsor, against pet owners…………across the USA………….constantly pushing breeder restrictions, limitations, and ignoring facts that dogs in shelters are not the result of purposeful breeding in general, but consist of mostly poor economic … Continue reading