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Petco-AR + HSUS, NAIA +Aphis + Who’s On Second?

Re: PETCO+HSUS: Dear Dog Breeders and Industry Friends, Everyone has to make decisions every day, including businesses, and generally we assume businesses have their customer’s  best interests in mind. Unfortunately, that is not always the case with every business.  Consider Petco and their relationship with HSUS.  Read Petco/HSUS partnership click here.  Dog breeders are fully aware of HSUS’ … Continue reading

Can You Pass the AR “Abuse” Test?

Originally published 2011…….. it’s still the same in 2013 — only worse !! In general, the public does not understand how the term animal “abuse” is defined or determined and for the most part, if they actually DID know, they would be very upset.  According to Animal Rights, animals are NOT property and cannot be … Continue reading