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ARs “Adopt” out Biting+Dangerous–But WHY??

ARs “Adopt” out Biting+Dangerous–But WHY??

Originally posted in 2009, every bit still true today………..even the HSUS marginal dogs article (which HSUS has removed when they revamped their site due to allegations of too much lobbying–they had 4000 pages and turned it into a kindergarten site theme now, to appear to be doing “less” lobbying…) Note that  some of this is … Continue reading

LA Failed MSN+Outlawing Pet Sales = No $$, More Killing

This was originally posted from 2008 When Los angeles Claimed  “Mandated  Spay and Neuter” Altering (MSN)  Would Save Them— The animals. It didn’t of course,  so instead of fixing it, They moved to outlaw sales of pets! PEOPLE–THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OUTLAWING ALCOHOL (PROHIBITION) AND OUTLAWING ANIMAL SALES……… It will Not Happen, it will just … Continue reading

New Law for HSUS Intl. Can’t Take Your Dog Here

HA HA HA especially+dangerous/ About 51,900 results (0.55 seconds) And scroll to end to get a real laugh out of the HSUS Toolkit on How to Straighten out a Shelter That Won’t Listen to you????  Of particular NOTE– see our RED lettered notation. This is the kind of nonsense and misleading wording that make the public … Continue reading

Which “welfarist” Can’t see the Forest for the Trees?

This is what Gina Spadafori, one of the authors of  Pet Connection blog,  said when AB1634 was being forced on CA by Animal Rights: “Why are we still listening to clueless animal-rights activists, a game-playing dis-elected professional politician and an attention-seeking former game-show host?” —————————————————————————————————————- Our QUESTION to Spadafori, who is supposed to know “pets” having authored … Continue reading