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Animal Rights Labeled as SPAM on Facebook, Like It!

This is AR baloney (words directly above picture, in quotes)  because depictions of violence to people or animals in animal-using industries are considered SPAM now, on Facebook. “Urge Facebook to Protect Human and Animal Rights Activism and Reject Those Who Glorify Violence”  By robert Grillo |11/7/2012 “Facebook’s current policy on depictions of graphic violence … Continue reading


“Putting out forest fires without dealing with the fuel buildup just perpetuates the problem because you’re not treating the root cause.”   That brings ~us~  to the question of the dogs.  It would seem that canine experts know why and what can make dogs dangerous, and it is frequently the topic of debate among members … Continue reading

Animal Rights (HSUS) extremist Agenda: NO Pets

Join the Crusade Against HSUS Whitewash+Pass It Forward!—-> What is the HSUS and friends’ agenda now? The goal of all Animal Rights extremists is to outlaw pets and use of all animals, because they believe animals are People and have human rights.  They believe keeping an animal is “slavery” which is why they don’t want people to … Continue reading


The CDOC Prelim Injunction on the city of Los Angeles’ MSN ordinance,  heard today in Los Angeles Superior Court, was not granted.  That means–unless I am mistaken–that the door to door canvassing will begin now, using the AR volunteers as the ones to do the home “canvassing.” As a dog advocate and attorney against anti pet laws, I strongly urge … Continue reading