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Join the Crusade against HSUS+Pass It Forward!

Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Pass It forward–> Orig. posted April 2009—Only things are even worse now!!  could be changing!!   2013 may be year of some change………why? 1. HSUS has been outted by many other sources, re IRS issues, over-lobbying, bad seizures, working against all commercial and breeder selling, regardless 2. APHIS Federal challenge has … Continue reading

Making AR RULES into Commandments

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   HSUS+Best Friends+Last Chance for Animals, ADLF et al…………would condemn every single one of these dogs, claiming that either: (1)   One should NOT buy a puppy (2)  One should not breed a dog (3)  One should not say pets are our Property………….    Animal Extremist 10 Commandments of  “Morality”   In other words, … Continue reading

Extremists Make Fraudulent Post re Blogger+Admits it..

Join the Crusade AGAINST HSUS+Pass It Forward!—> We are doing a good job because, as expected, the ARs are spending their time/energy in using “Petdefense” and Crusade Against HSUS to link to their OWN sites….hahaha…] Readers–all of you should be up in arms now, when extremists try and tell the public that Petdefense is involved with … Continue reading

Good Dog Breeders: Help Teens/Kids Learn about Dogs?

Dog breeders probably know most about the breeding of dogs, eh? I am not talking about showing dogs–just the raising/teaching of dogs. So dog trainers and breeders. Instead, we are allowing the ARs like HSUS tell kids what dogs to pick, what to eat, and how to vote. ARs tell kids fishing and eating meat … Continue reading

Another 2 Petstores bullied

This is what I mean about being on the same side for pet ownership……when the public is AFRAID to go into a pet store, when the public BELIEVES what HSUS puts on TV…when HSUS says every breeder  is a “P—-mill” –then you can see exactly what I have been saying.  Best Friends et al has forced … Continue reading