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ARs “Adopt” out Biting+Dangerous–But WHY??

ARs “Adopt” out Biting+Dangerous–But WHY??

Originally posted in 2009, every bit still true today………..even the HSUS marginal dogs article (which HSUS has removed when they revamped their site due to allegations of too much lobbying–they had 4000 pages and turned it into a kindergarten site theme now, to appear to be doing “less” lobbying…) Note that  some of this is … Continue reading


Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Anti-Pet Laws+Pass It Forward!—> Updated from 2008 post, link added for formal paper summarizing study with  footnotes, bibliography (see link below) A review of over 50-117 studies involving the altering of canines shows that there are major detrimental effects shown involving spaying-neutering–but these are NEVER mentioned by the extremists–instead, they only … Continue reading

New Law for HSUS Intl. Can’t Take Your Dog Here

HA HA HA especially+dangerous/ About 51,900 results (0.55 seconds) And scroll to end to get a real laugh out of the HSUS Toolkit on How to Straighten out a Shelter That Won’t Listen to you????  Of particular NOTE– see our RED lettered notation. This is the kind of nonsense and misleading wording that make the public … Continue reading

Endangered Animals: YOUR Pets+Puppies

Join the crusade Against HSUS Anti-Pet Laws+Pass It Forward!—> Can you tell lies, deception, and misleading propaganda by Animal Rights  extremists like HSUS+Peta,   from the truth?  Most people cannot. The public cannot. Shelters cannot. Many rescuers cannot. We have ordered shirts and truck/auto decals re HSUS but they are not finished.  We apologize for how … Continue reading


The CDOC Prelim Injunction on the city of Los Angeles’ MSN ordinance,  heard today in Los Angeles Superior Court, was not granted.  That means–unless I am mistaken–that the door to door canvassing will begin now, using the AR volunteers as the ones to do the home “canvassing.” As a dog advocate and attorney against anti pet laws, I strongly urge … Continue reading