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2012: Craigslist ARs Make Sure Pets Can’t Get Homes

Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Anti-Pet Laws+Pass It Forward!—-> UPDATE:  RE-RELEASING THIS post (orig. published 3 yr ago)  to combat ARs trying to link this FACTUAL data with animal porn, which they are guilty of promoting, by EXPOLOITING animals to raise $$$, such as HSUS, plus PETA exploits both animals AND people and the legal profession, … Continue reading

Attempted Killing of Canine Advocate by 2 AR Extremists

Originally posted in 2009, updated, attempted murder incident occurred several years before….plus advocate’s involvement as expert in U.S. Supreme Court case v. HSUS law, HSUS  lost case also…. The alleged warm-fuzzy animals rights extremist mantra: “Save the animals, spay and neuter, spay and neuter”, don’t buy a puppy,  apparently isn’t what it appears.Saving animals was … Continue reading

Extremist Indoctrination at the Hilton–PASS IT FORWARD

Join  Crusade Against HSUS+Pass It Forward—-> Orig. posted Jan 2008, even more relevant NOW! Everyone please share this with your family, your neighbors, your associates and everyone else you come in contact with each day.  Forward, copy, post, send and tell everyone…………..  [PetDefense note: We purposely did not include the gentleman’s name here (who went to the … Continue reading

ALF Supports Nathan’s No Kill Advocacy–Surprised??!

As I have stated numerous times, the Los Angeles Shelter problems began many years ago,  and it has been at least since 2003 that the AR faction has been involved, and likely before that. There is another post on this (Petdefense) site which has the story from Los Angeles, written by a person in Los … Continue reading

UCLA Vehicles Torched, $300k Spent on Security Measures against Extremists UCLA Profs and Scientists Sued Animal-Rights Radicals. Now They’re Breathing Slightly Easier A small win against extremism By Max Taves Published on August 28, 2008  FOR UCLA, BAD NEWS COMES in lowercase, typo-plagued vulgarity and anonymous “communiqués,” like this one recently sent out to dozens of local and national media:  “on the nights of … Continue reading


FBI Investigates New Attacks on California Scientists By MARCUS WOHLSEN, AP Posted: 2008-08-03 21:58:38 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – The FBI is investigating two firebombings targeting scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz, as the latest in a rash of attacks against biomedical researchers who experiment on animals, authorities said. One scientist and his family, … Continue reading