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“Putting out forest fires without dealing with the fuel buildup just perpetuates the problem because you’re not treating the root cause.”   That brings ~us~  to the question of the dogs.  It would seem that canine experts know why and what can make dogs dangerous, and it is frequently the topic of debate among members … Continue reading

New Group To Raise Public Awareness Forming

Finally……….we have gotten a group together that will raise funds initially, to promote Public Awareness of the Truth about Bully Type Dogs!  A fund raiser with years of experience has agreed to head up our fund raising team, and this time we are focusing on obtaining known media personalities to make our points.  As it seems … Continue reading


Here is excerpt from Canada’s BSL appeal……Judge reciting….  In my view, the reasons of the application judge demonstrate an entirely appropriate and defensible analysis and weighing of these competing factors. At para. 86 of her reasons, she states: “When one considers the interests at stake, that is, the objective of public safety as against the … Continue reading

BSL Aurora, CO Trial Nov-08 Same ole….

Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Pass It Forward—–>  Denver Federal U.S. District Courthouse, with Judge Wiley Daniel presiding in mid November.. was sthe site for the Aurora BSL case.  Of course it’s always possible that the case was only allowed to move forward so that it could be shut down (like in a political situation) but time will tell.  After … Continue reading