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Extremists Make Fraudulent Post re Blogger+Admits it..

Join the Crusade AGAINST HSUS+Pass It Forward!—> We are doing a good job because, as expected, the ARs are spending their time/energy in using “Petdefense” and Crusade Against HSUS to link to their OWN sites….hahaha…] Readers–all of you should be up in arms now, when extremists try and tell the public that Petdefense is involved with … Continue reading

And You Thought it was JUST “Whales,Polar bears,seals”

Actually, by doing what DOAF asked, you would be acting on behalf of people.

See, these fruitcakes believe with every fiber of their beings that animals are the moral and ethical equivalent of human beings, and their goal is to elevate that belief to legal status. Doing what you can to stick a log in their spokes is acting on behalf of hunters, fishermen, livestock ranchers, chicken farmers, animal breeders, drug researchers, and last but not least, pet owners.
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New Group To Raise Public Awareness Forming

Finally……….we have gotten a group together that will raise funds initially, to promote Public Awareness of the Truth about Bully Type Dogs!  A fund raiser with years of experience has agreed to head up our fund raising team, and this time we are focusing on obtaining known media personalities to make our points.  As it seems … Continue reading