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Shelter Stats; Non Profits Fool Public+Get Rich We at PD believe that the above links (which has short example below) is probably the correct assessment of the current political agenda exhibited by the AR (animal rights movement) today. Animal rights is a political movement that opposes all animal use and most traditional relationships with animals, including eating meat, wearing leather … Continue reading

Which Animal Welfarists Dumbed Down re HSUS?

 Join the Crusade v HSUS Whitewash+Anti-Pet Laws+Pass It Forward!———> OMG I can’t even believe I was actually reading downright ridiculous sentiments about HSUS and how they “help” animals!!!  You absolutely must read Gina Spadifori’s Pet Connection page…..  (link to PC page) and she isn’t the only welfarist that thinks HSUS will “change”….of course HSUS won’t … Continue reading