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2012: Craigslist ARs Make Sure Pets Can’t Get Homes

Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Anti-Pet Laws+Pass It Forward!—-> UPDATE:  RE-RELEASING THIS post (orig. published 3 yr ago)  to combat ARs trying to link this FACTUAL data with animal porn, which they are guilty of promoting, by EXPOLOITING animals to raise $$$, such as HSUS, plus PETA exploits both animals AND people and the legal profession, … Continue reading


“Putting out forest fires without dealing with the fuel buildup just perpetuates the problem because you’re not treating the root cause.”   That brings ~us~  to the question of the dogs.  It would seem that canine experts know why and what can make dogs dangerous, and it is frequently the topic of debate among members … Continue reading


The National Canine Research council (Karen Delise, of Fatal Attacks) has put out a News Release to expose the Political MISREPRESENTATIONS cited by political “would-be dog experts” and to show how these MISREPRESENTATIONS continue to proliferate–without correction???? Cherie of RDOWS used to correct many of the nonsensical statements put forward by idiots, (esp. Nelson’s rantings) so I thought I … Continue reading