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AR Extremist Myth: Neutering Stops Aggression

A very, very persistent myth by the no dog ownership clan: that neutering your dog will render it a totally non-aggressive, good boy without testicles. The study done by James a. Serpell, Ph.D and Deborah L. Duffy, Ph.D, Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania was on … Continue reading


Iraq authorities eliminate stray dogs   AP Photo/Hadi Mizban Sat Nov 22, 9:29 AM ET An Iraqi boy plays with a stray puppy dog in Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday, Nov. 22, 2008. Baghdad authorities announced a campaign on Thursday to kill stray dogs who roam the Iraqi capital in packs, after a spate of fatal … Continue reading

Fatal Attacks: Rehomed,Shelter+Rescued 500% More Likely

Lots of people don’t want to agree with us on this, because they want to protect shelter dogs. But facing reality is better than ignoring the truth. The category of “re-homed, rescued+shelter” dogs are more than 500% more likely to inflict a fatal attack. It has already been shown that 50%+ of fatal attacks are … Continue reading