SAD– ABA Takes the AR Position on Commercial Breeders

The REASON we say this?   Because “cracking down on puppy mills” is straight out of the HSUS playbook big time……….and WHERE in heaven’s name, is there proof that when a legal commercial kennel is selling animals and following the regs, that it is a “puppy”mill? HSUS, ASPCA and their cronies have already been accused … Continue reading

Which Animal Welfarists Dumbed Down re HSUS?

 Join the Crusade v HSUS Whitewash+Anti-Pet Laws+Pass It Forward!———> OMG I can’t even believe I was actually reading downright ridiculous sentiments about HSUS and how they “help” animals!!!  You absolutely must read Gina Spadifori’s Pet Connection page…..  (link to PC page) and she isn’t the only welfarist that thinks HSUS will “change”….of course HSUS won’t … Continue reading

One Big damaging article against the sale of dogs…

Whose duty is it to educate the public on dogs that have temperament issues? Health issues? Aggression issues?  In the United States these days, apparently that has fallen to the HSUS or animal extremists, rescues and re-homers. Do these groups know that much about breeding dogs literally?  Have they ever bred dogs?  Raised or whelped … Continue reading