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Shelter/Rescue Reality, Buying v Actual Inventory..Bacon v Junk

BACON, BACON, WHO’S GOT THE BACON?? OH, it’s really easy to say rescue/shelters have all the best and the brightest. It’s really easy to give shelters AR groups donations, donations, donations, to CONTINUE the PROFITEERING?? But MUST one be FORCED to obtain and buy a shelter dog or a rescued dog?  NOPE. People should buy what … Continue reading

Better Dead Than Alive, Including the AR Who Killed Pups? By Alexandra Klausner An animal rights executive has been found dead along with 31 dogs in an apparent suicide.   The body of Sandy Lertzman, 62, executive director of the Animal Rights Foundation was found in her garage in Moreland Hills, Ohio. Most of the dead animals were puppies. Moreland Hill police discovered Sandy … Continue reading