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CA Case Likely won’t Focus on Seizure Law

We have our doubts on this case and now do not believe that the challenge will primarily focus on the code which allows for seizure (although we are fairly sure that if it did, it would be published, as in a published case…) but would focus on damages (losses).. When property is seized under the … Continue reading

Exigency or No Exigency? Animal “Abuse”

Re-posted from 2013— Why is it a big deal? Because pretty much California says that if there are exigent circumstances, the police can go in without a warrant. Without exigency, usually one needs a warrant. What gets caught up in the cases are when the FACTS do not show exigency necessarily, such as someone says … Continue reading

‘Abuse’ of Animals Used as Pretext to Gain RE not Owned by Banks This appears to be an update of what has happened in the Susanville 70 horse case and The Grace Foundation and the banks. The banks have failed to prove they have a valid interest in the property improvements, so if the Bank of America does not have a valid interest, and Wells Fargo … Continue reading

Seizure: a Form of Emotion-based Marketing Propaganda

Updated: Example of what we don’t necessarily believe…………HSUS and “5 other groups” went and seized animals from “deplorable” conditions, alleged skin or eye infections, yet it wasn’t even clear that the owner was charged. AND if the animals were in that bad of condition, why would they be evaluated for ADOPTION if they were that … Continue reading