B.Friends ‘Leader’/Deviant Process Church, is now Called ‘Best Friends’

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NOTE: THIS WAS ALL POSTED PREVIOUSLY…. IN 2008.  even the most notorious AR groups (like ALF) admit that the Best Friends’ background history is sordid.
 ….We are bringing it around now due to fact that Best Friends, HSUS,social Compassion and the rest of the AR ilk–ALL want NO sales of animals. We might imagine if there were no animalS to be adopted RIGHT NOW– then those groups would be focusing on sales of other animals, farms, various food sources, etc. But they have had the game to eliminate sales of animals for MANY MANY DECADES.
IT’S ALL TRUE, AND THE FACT THAT BEST FRIENDS IS NOT USING MIKE MOUNTAIN IN THE FOREFRONT, AND HAS COLLABORATED WITH HSUS,ETC. /IN GETTING RID OF THE EXCESS DOGS (raids) and probably also IN LOS ANGELES SHELTERS, since Best Friends was given a key position to make changes there?  THEY ARE DOING IT RIGHT NOW, IN 2017!!!  The slickest, prettiest and best funded AR groups usually should never be trusted. If they are multi-national, they are usually hiding money everywhere.

“The book*,  Best Friends-The True Story of the World’s Most Beloved Animal Sanctuary,  professes to be a complete history–but the religious incarnations are conspicously missing….Why do you suppose that is

[The book* Satan’s Power, below, deals with the Process Church, and there is apparently evidence that Charles Manson was involved with it.]

“Best Friends President Michael Mountain, aka Hugh Mountain, aka Father Aaron, has been a Processean since the early days.  He claims the omission was the author’s idea, and not a marketing decision.”

“Another Process publication urged readers to experience the pleasures of grave robbing and necrophilia.”  [sex w/dead people]
Lachman wrote “the main organ of Process theology was their glossy magazine, The Process.  Sporting blaring red, purple and black psychedelic graphics, the editorial policy favored Hitler, Satan and gore”. It remained in publication until “the schism”.                  
The final issue declares:

 “The Unity of Christ and Satan is Good News for you.

If that conflict can be resolved then yours can be too.”

   (part 1)  Published on thedogpress.com [the link is not working now]

  (part 2)  Published on thedogpress.com [this link is not working either]

BUT–this link is working……………..  http://www.thedogpress.com/Columns/BestFriends1_Jade-0610.asp


“Michael Mountain told the Rocky Mountain News that “The big old organizations with whom we work quite closely now (Best Friends, PeTA?, HSUS?, ASPCA?), in the early days said this can’t be done…We have taken on a job that the humane movement should have been doing years ago“. Best Friends, he boasts, has “become something of a flagship for this whole movement.”

Petdefense note–[A picture of the Process magazine cover can be seen on the post on petdefense re HSUS spending $400,000 on Religion in an attempt to manipulate different churches into the HSUS animal lifestyle. It is also posted below…. If ANY church realized that HSUS is involved with Best Friends+their ties to the Process Church, surely none of them would want to support HSUS unless they deal with Satan worship.]
CALLED BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SANCTUARY OR WHATEVER, IN UTAH……. Direct evidence shows that Best Friends was formerly the PROCESS CHURCH–which focused on

the “end times” from Revelations, and the Devil aspects/sex/gore/etc.  The rumor for keeping the sanctuary dogs (they have thousands) has something to do with the end times and Alsatians (GSD).. We can’t tell you more than that. God only knows what they might be doing with all those dogs.

[Just think what it costs to feed over 1,600 dogs or other animals; also, Best Friends does not disclose a list of dogs for adoption. They claim to have up to 1,600 animals but list very few. Instead, they force you to show your state issued I.D. card FIRST AND then to disgorge information about yourself–personal info that they would not need? Only then, they have someone call you and ask you questions. At that point, it appears they will pick out an animal for you, or possibly tell some sob story about what dogs “match” you. They may send a few pictures, but realizing that if most of the 1,600 animals are in Utah, and they claim to be working in NY, CA, etc:. Basically BF got hired to do the dirty work of making NY and LA look better as shelters.   

  • Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. 5001 Angel Canyon Road. Kanab, UT 84741. …
  • NKLA Pet Adoption Center. 1845 Pontius Avenue. Los Angeles, CA 90025. …
  • Best Friends Pet Adoption Center. 307 West Broadway. New York City, NY 10013. …
  • Best Friends Pet Adoption Center. 2005 South 1100 East. Salt Lake City, UT 84106
  • Located in Kanab, Utah, Angel Canyon is the home of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and nearly 1,600 homeless animals
process church 2 Process and the dogs
 “All the same, he [Mountain] was not thrilled when the reporter inquired about a series of corporate records that directly link Best Friends to The Process Church. If he had it to do over again, Mountain said, he would have let The Process dissolve and incorporate Best Friends as a new nonprofit with no links to the church.”  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/288582288602722118
(here you can view many of the Process Church magazine covers, and most of them deal with issues related to the final Judgment, most likely as described in the Bible; if you don’t have knowledge of the final Judgment, which is in Revelations, you will find that basically whatever the Devil had been doing/reason for the great flood etc. is covered; or if you want more details from a Bible researcher [Patrick Heron] see The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse, which he wrote. Very interesting.


Petdefense note: Make sure to scroll down past the pic of the book below to see what the Process Church was really about, and why you need to know whether Best Friends working with HSUS is highly questionable, and whether your friends that might DONATE to these groups might want to stop DONATING—– considering the background of the “Process Church.” If you like dealings with Satan, cults, and the like, then perhaps you may think deviant behavior like Charles Manson is not so bad. The founder of the Process church was versed in Scientology. Go figure.

To get the whole picture you kinda have to read both parts 1+2. More research on this topic below, indicates far more than just the above…..

BF works with HSUS .. and Best Friends  is seen by many as the largest animal place on earth with nearly 1,500-2,000 animals on site. BF is huge on the puppies aren’t products media message, in conjunction with the  dontbuypuppies campaign, for which a huge advertising $$$ is spent.

Imagine “animal lovers” telling kids not to buy a puppy. Instead of just educating on their beliefs, they go too far and are too extreme, and instead close down pet stores they don’t like by bullying them into closure...nearly all of the AR groups are wack jobs. By that, we mean their mind is warped which enables them to go after ordinary people because frankly, they think they are better than everyone.  ___________________________________________________________________________

 ………….”And God said, Let there be light:”………………. 


Why is it that people who have such sordid backgrounds think they are in a position to TELL US what and how we need to do and act with our own pets and animals? 

           According to the reporter that interviewed Mountain, he admitted he was an heir to one of England’s largest TV empires, but was disinherited, dropped out of college at 17 to get into counterculture offerings. (The Process Church worships both Satan and God? )  We all know, parents don’t exactly take you out of the will unless you are really a screw-up.

William Bainbridge (Deputy director of information and Intelligent Systems at the National Science Foundation) joined the Process group in the early 1970’s to study it, and chronicled the group in a 1978 book entitled Satan’s Power: A Deviant Psychotherapy Cult. The book is out there in both new and used copies.

So now we know why the cult term and Satan and deviant are used.  Mr. Bainbridge has written extensively on religion and sociology, and has a degree from Harvard. The picture below is supposedly Robert De Grimston, founder of the Process Church.

 Actually found what is held out to be one of the manuscript copies of the Teacher-leader of The Process Church, and this info is straight from whoever found it and had it copied: Be forewarned, this is very graphic in nature.



MAN, you are come to the bitter end of your degradation. Drain the dregs and leave not a stain in the glass.
For WAR is upon you, around you and within you. You are submerged in WAR so totally now there is no escape. Like a cancer it has taken hold on you, crept stealthily among you and become entrenched. No force on earth can remove it.

And no force in heaven will. For We, the Gods, give man what man demands, not what he pretends to want. And man who puts on airs and cries for peace and light and love, and claims that his one desire is to live in harmony with those around him, man who clothes himself soberly with proper decency and goes about his business saying: “I am civilised. I am respectable. I am a rational being in control of all my emotions”, he is no more than an ignorant fool, a hypocrite, a self-deluded imbecile. For all he really wants is death, slaughter, bloodshed, rape, pillage, and the violent hysterical screeching lunacy of WAR.

 That is his true desire and nothing less will truly satisfy him.
Man, see yourself! Know the true desires of your soul. Feel the love of horror, the lust for blood, the ecstasy of watching death stride out upon the earth and take his toll.
When is your mind at peace? Only when your body is at WAR.
When are you truly satisfied? Only when blood is on your hands, hatred in your heart and the light of battle gleaming in your eye.
Deceive yourself not! Death is sheer delight to you. Torture is supreme fascination. Can you drag your eyes from the vision of a body stretched upon the rack, broken on the wheel, or squeezed to lifelessness by the slow agony of the hangman’s rope?
 No, you can only gaze transfixed, every grain of your attention focused on the sight. And can you look away from the writhing monster of a battlefield, close your ears to the shrieks and groans of wounded men, close your eyes to the blood and the mangled flesh? No, you are entranced, enchanted, gleeful at the lurid picture of violent death and slaughter.
For this is your destiny, this your only satisfaction. You are born to die and die you must, and death for you must be utterly cataclysmic. Your very soul demands it.
WAR is your natural bent, your blood brother. You know him, understand him and love him, as nothing else in all creation. With him life becomes worthwhile because it becomes death. WAR is your fulfilment. In WAR you are strong, courageous, vital, dynamic.
In WAR you are the soul of action and the source of boundless energy. In WAR the rules are destruction, and with destruction you are your true self. Creation is alien to your nature, but destruction, devastation, violent mutilation of the flesh and the laying waste of all the land; these are concepts you can understand, these are actions to which you can give yourself with body, mind and soul, and revel in the joys of their fulfilment. They are your meat and drink, as essential to you as the air you breathe. WAR is your life blood, you have proved it so.

So rise, Man, and be joyful! For WAR you shall have in abundance. Pretend no more to seek after sterile peace, that holds no pleasure for your active soul. Revel in the multiple delights of WAR. Feel the bloodlust rising in your veins, the mounting, tense anticipation of the moment before battle is joined. Feel the firm grip on the sword hilt, the cold hardness of the steady gun butt. Smell the blood and the cordite. Hear the battle cries mingled with the screams of those that die. And see the surging of the armies joined in mortal combat, and the smoke, the all enveloping smoke that swirls and billows, and then hangs suspended, blotting out the sun.

 And know where man’s fulfilment lies. Know that life is worthless unless it is lived in the very teeth of death, that peace is nothing except as a fleeting moment in the midst of WAR, that love is empty save as a transitory oasis in a world of violent hatred, that to create is only meaningful in order to destroy.
I, SATAN, stand for WAR. I glory in WAR. I glory in the magnificence of man in battle, man struggling with life and death, man giving vent to his wrath.

I scorn the weak-will victims of WAR, the hordes of helpless citizens, who cry for mercy as they are driven from their homes and from their lands. They are the fodder for the monstrous WAR machines, the fuel that the great engines of death devour in their relentless march over the face of the earth. They deserve no better than their lot, for they have no strength or courage of their own, no will to rise and fight, no fire within their souls to drive them into battle. They were born to a futile death, a miserable death, a worthless feeble destiny of nothing. They were born to be trampled upon, to be cut down by the mighty sword of the conqueror. And such is their fate, significant only as it is part of the game of WAR.

So Man, waste no more time with crawling on your belly in the dust. Stand up and cast aside the trappings of a civilised facade. Throw off the cloak of meaningless respectability. Strip yourself bare to the roots of your bestial nature. Let the animal loose in you. Become as you are: the Beast, naked and proud, teeth bared and eyes aflame, your feet firm planted on the ground, your face towards the enemy. Release the Fiend that lies dormant within you, for he is strong and ruthless, and his power is far beyond the bounds of human frailty.

Come forth in your savage might, rampant with the lust of battle, tense and quivering with the urge to strike, to smash, to split asunder all that seek to detain you. And cast your eye upon the land before you. Choose what road of slaughter and violation you will follow. Then stride out upon the land and amongst the people.

Rape with the crushing force of your virility, kill with the devastating precision of your sword arm, maim with the ruthless ingenuity of your pitiless cruelty, destroy with the overwhelming fury of your bestial strength, lay waste with the all-encompassing majesty of your power.
And stand supreme upon the earth, lord of all creation by the right of conquest.
And burn what offends your eye, eradicate what spoils your pleasure, take all unto yourself and punish most cruelly and without mercy all who seek to stay your hand. For the world can be yours, and the blood of men can be yours to spill as you please. And you can have your pleasure of the world through violence and the wielding of the sword.

And your lust can stride upon the face of the land, taking whatever it desires and discarding the empty husks when you’ve sucked them dry.

WAR and violence are your heritage, and now is the time to stake your claim upon them, to unmask the lurking shadows of your fiendish soul, expose them, hold them like banners before you, and shout your battle cry before the world.
SATAN’S army is ready in the field and slaughter is the order of the day. For I, SATAN, am master of the world, and My law is death. Who follows Me must ultimately conquer all. For I am the master of WAR, the lord of all conquest, and the ruler of all violent conflict.
Hear My voice, for the time is short.

The ultimate phase of WAR is about to begin. Be there in the forefront of the line of battle. Be not a worthless pawn, a feather blown by the wind. Be not still. Ask not for peace and rest for these can be no more. And stillness is already of the past. Seek not to be left alone, to escape the burning slaughter of the holocaust, to hide from the final wrath of the vengeful Gods. But rise and march to the centre of the raging chaos. Defy the cataclysm!

Don your gleaming armour and stride with the engines of death. And watch the gradual spreading of the slow disease. See the lingering death of the latest phase of WAR. And revel in the agonies of man brought low, man deprived, man humiliated, man trampled into the ground, and utterly degraded to the point of dismal decay and a futile death.

And gorge yourself on the horrors of irretrievable loss; the miserable fate of the victims that still remain, the helpless bewilderment of their despair, the pitiful cries of their useless supplication and the wailing anguish of their bereavement. And grind your heel into the face of their stupidity.

Burn the chaff of humanity! For such is its desire and its desert. And dance the dance of a dervish around the leaping flames.
Again I say; Release the Fiend within you!
Release the Fiend! Release the Fiend!
And the Fiend shall conquer, and the chaff be burned.
The Fiend shall slake his monstrous lust upon the helpless body of the wasted earth. And the chaff shall be consumed.

The Fiend shall wield a mighty cutlass, and the land shall be lifeless in his wake. And the chaff shall blow as smoke in the wind of his passing.

The Fiend shall devastate the earth, and his mighty roar shall rock the heavens so that the very stars shall feel his presence. And the chaff shall vanish and be forgotten.
I, SATAN, shall stalk with the Fiend. We shall stalk the earth together, lending strength to the flashing sabre and unerring accuracy to the speeding missile. We shall be on every battle ground and every scene of devastation. And our might shall be on the side of the mighty; strength for strength, power for power. And to him who possesses, more shall be given. On him who destroys with power, a greater power for destruction shall be bestowed.

And for him who massacres with strength, more victims for his ruthless slaughter shall be provided. But he that has nothing, and wilts before the rising tide of WAR, from him shall be taken even the little that he has. For such is his desire and his desert. And even what strength he has to plead for mercy shall be denied him, and his tongue shall disobey him at the final moment, and he shall be cut down.

And the mother that pleads weakly for her child shall see it slain before her. And the woman that pleads palely for her miserable virtue shall be struck down and raped. And he that fearfully pleads for his life shall be cut to pieces.

[SATAN ON WAR part 2] [SATAN ON WAR intro]


In 1992 a friend and I were sifting through boxes in my parents’ attic, which mostly contained memorabilia from their residence in Scotland in the 1960’s. Among the photos and the letters I uncovered a small red paperback book. Looking first at the back, I saw only an icon of interlocking bars against a red background. I turned it over and read the words, “SATAN ON WAR“. I opened it, revealing what at first looked like a still from the movie “Ben Hur”.
Giggling, I looked over at my friend. His jaw was hanging open; he was staring at the book.
“Oh my GOD! Do you know what that IS?” He always got there first; I had no idea.

That’s when he explained to me about the Process Church of the Final Judgement, a religious sect started in England and espousing an apocalyptic theology involving Jehovah, Satan, and Lucifer. There were ties to Charles Manson, and ample room for speculation about the extent of their influence.

When we confronted my parents about it, they recalled the circumstances under which the book came into their possession. They were on the boat from New York to England, around 1967 or 1968. A group of young Processians were also on board, no doubt en route to Church headquarters. They wore robes and had several dogs, which seemed starved and menacing, in wooded crates. (I recall learning that the Processians believed the dogs could sense the first signs of the end of the world.)
The Process effectively dissolved in the 1970’s, and relatively few people know about it. According to shock-culture librarian JJohn Aes-Nihil, there are “virtually no surviving copies” of SATAN ON WAR, except as reprinted in a larger volume, THE GODS ON WAR. So this was quite a find. It is presented here in its entirety.





Satan’s Power: A Deviant Psychotherapy Cult (Hardcover)

by William Sims Bainbridge (Author)

A Deviant Psychotherapy Cult


The Endtime Family by William Sims Bainbridge The Endtime Family

By William Sims Bainbridge


This groundbreaking analysis of the controversial religious group, The Family, or The Children of God, uses interviews, observational techniques, and a comprehensive questionnaire completed by more than a thousand Family members. William Sims Bainbridge explores how Family members infuse spirituality with sexuality, channel messages that they believe emanate from beyond life, and await the final Endtime. He also examines attempts by anti-cultists and the state to deprogram members of the group, including children, by forcibly seizing them. The book’s blending of theoretical analysis with vivid accounts of this remarkable counterculture poses a fascinating question for social scientists and society-how is it that The Children of God both differ from the general public and, in other ways, are so surprisingly similar to it?
“Bainbridge is unquestionably among the most able scholars in the sociology of religion today. In The Endtime Family, he skillfully weaves significant theoretical ideas together, presenting the best inquiry to date into the heart and soul of this controversial group. Bainbridge has written a marvelous book that both dispels many myths and gives the reader more than a glimpse of a ‘cult’ with a human face.” –Jeffrey K. Hadden, co-editor of “Religion on the Internet: Research Prospects and Promises”

ISBN: 0-7914-5263-8





The author, William Sims Bainbridge, earned his doctorate in sociology from Harvard University in 1975. He has published fourteen books and more than 100 essays in such journals as American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Sociology of Religion, and Review of Religious Research. He currently is Director of the Management and Planning Division of Social and Economic Sciences at the National Science Foundation.
He is the author of numerous books, including The Sociology of Religious Movements (1999), Satan’s Power (1978), Social Research Methods and Statistics (1992), and Religion, Deviance, and Social Control(1996).

Please tell all your friends and Pass it Forward

Everyone Needs to Know this+not Donate if they agree these Animal Extremist groups  pretend to save our pets while trying to force us to adopt their lifestyle making animals=humans. Animals are property in the law, not humans.  “M Mountain” of Best Friends, allegedly stepped down as Editor of their BF magazine in late 2008, and another individual was also either removed or quit, on the surface anyway. BF put out a “goodbye” notice re Mountain, but it is likely he’s still there at BF, just not as prominent—as the Process Church involvement has not fared so well for Best Friends, for obvious reasons. HSUS working with BF to shut down petstores and Petland, etc, is something that should NOT be applauded.

Forcing a petstore to offer only adoptions is completely against the commerce clause and interstate trade in our opinion, and in reality is ridiculous. That is NOT a regulation (to say you must “adopt” and NOT sell)—that is completely unconstitutional without the proof that “selling” creates a compelling government interest in that location in our book. Further, the case in Fed Ct in PA focuses on discrimination and interstate commerce, and our opinion on that case is that it hinders interstate commerce as well. In fact most regulations against breeding do, in some way.

If taken in totality across the USA (which is what HSUS is doing) it would seem that the nationwide effort to stop the pet trade has arrived rather prominently, but the Pet Trade attorneys and lobbyists have not come out in full force yet.  We suspect that if petstores are closed down by the “no selling” laws, that the pet trade may ramp up their armies.  Right now Petland is the main target, since the laws in PA were already inacted.  However that does NOT mean the laws were correct just because they were passed.  That is the problem.



9 thoughts on “B.Friends ‘Leader’/Deviant Process Church, is now Called ‘Best Friends’

  1. I wish you would make some additions to Wikipedia’s entry for The Process Church — so more people will find the connection. Go To
    and please put in some good links and supportable statements. This is IMPORTANT.

    I don’t have time to research and post there, but if you have the information, PLEASE enter it there.

    Thanks for the good reporting you do.

  2. I don’t care for Wiki as too many people change it and make incorrect statements. However what is here I believe is accurate after having checked more than several references. BF has already admitted to their connection to this awful so called “church” and I think to use the guise of “religion” to make people NOT buy dogs is not only insane, it proves BF is nothing but crazy and taking donations from innocent people that would NOT donate otherwise, because worshipping Satan and NOT buying puppies “because of ethical” reasons is insane.

  3. This BF organization is advertising on the volunteer section of CL as well in Las Vegas, same time as all the threats and such were occuring on the pets website.

  4. BF tries to work on LV because of animals there, however, BF works with HSUS and owns the URL dontbuypuppies. BF has ties to those who were involved with the Process Church, which is linked to Satan (see Wiki or just research) It just so happens that one “sin” in Satanic worship is that “killing animals” is a sin. There is no mention of killing people=a sin. So if one worships animals, it would make sense that they would go to extreme ends. We get back at such nonsense by publicizing the truth so that the public won’t buy into HSUS lies, misleading stories, etc.

    It is becoming true that ARs are targeting people trying to find homes for animals, in CA HSUS has a proposed law which would prohibit the display of animals in many public areas. Ridiculous. The bottom line is AR people are so extreme, they cannot work with normal circumstances. In other words, the ARs just want the majority to buy into their lifestyle.

  5. Pingback: My Fair Farm and Lots of Other Interests » The Process Church of the Final Judgment/Best Friends

  6. Great points.
    Best Friends makes up for in Hubris what they lack in decency.
    The children called themselves cult orphans because most were raised without their parents. This caused lifelong issues with trust and fear of abandonment in at least one, the fortunately escaped Jared Garrett. Unfortunately,, the cult ophans who remained run the sanctuary along with the original founders with the exception of Gregory Castles wife, Julie, who took over when Gregory stepped down last year.
    Robert DeGrimston was a doomsday prophet but his wife, Maryann DeGrimston aka Moor aka MacLean aka DePeyer was worse. She set such a strong precedent for blaming victims which has been repeated so.often since 1970 that people now take it as gospel, ‘if a dog attacks you, you provoked it. Or the dog can sense malice.’ She was lied by escaped sanctuary dogs, legend has it, until legend changed it to the more aympatbetic “breast cancer.”
    William Sims Bainbridge wrote “Resurrection” regarding the Process. That book came out in 2015 and explores the possibilities of cloning a founding member of the Process Church. Fifty years of these people meddling in America’s laws when they do not suffer the consequences of their action is enough.
    Lucien Greaves aka Douglas Mesner aka Douglas MiSicki, the founder of the Satanic Temple in 2015 (TST) has a website wwwprocess.com using their logo. So far, I e seen him instigate a lawsuit against Netflix because the Chilling tales of Sabrina the teenaged witch is ruining their image. They are using the TST version of the baphomet and giving Satanism a bad name.
    Lucien also spends his time stalking victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, which happened, and telling everyone it didn’t, as if he was present in every daycare in America during the time he was around twelve years old.
    Since he lso dickers over different types of Satanism,he clearly is aware some follow the letter of the Crowley law and view blood sacrifice as normal. Like an fundamentalist. Not all Satanists are new age ecofascists.

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