Do NOT Do this!! Video C Milan

Unfortunately, being able to have a muzzled dog (regardless of breed) not attack people for five or ten minutes on a video, is crazy. While it is stated they don’t have to kill the dog, if someone knows of the dangerous propensity of an individual dog (ignoring breed)— it is downright foolish and insane to keep such a dog. Since it was stated the dog had already bitten people, it would likely already be designated a dangerous dog.

With so many dogs out there that are not finding homes (according to animal rights) does it make a lot of sense to purposely choose to keep a dangerous dog when one can avoid it? We don’t think one way or the other about Milan but let’s be realistic, this is foolish.  Especially when there are other dogs that are not being harmed, but the dog in question is territorial– if another dog should start a fight with the dangerous dog, all hell would break loose and it would not be surprising to find that the owners might be harmed and other dogs killed in the melee.  It is when we see stuff like this that we realize why people cannot believe the individual temperament of each dog varies–especially when the breeds are unknown, or mixed.


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