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In addition, be very careful in making comments that would be considered defamatory.  This has happened in the past with Kory Nelson of Denver Colorado where he ran afoul of professional responsibility issues and  had to take down his false statements from the Internet, and he did so because his statements were defamatory,  false/misleading.  Subsequent to that he also engaged in what amounts to illegal spam emailing by using his employer’s Colorado State computer. He should have been fired.

Pet Defense Animal Law is  one of  few sites NOT dedicated to Animal Rights (ARs) but is done by attorneys and others that actually care about (1) property law, (2)owners (not guardians) and the (3) AR propaganda that is helping ruin the country and commerce by political relationships, money mongering, and subterfuge.

HSUS, in particular should be facing IRS scrutiny for excessive lobbying and HSUS and ASPCA+other AR groups already paid out MILLIONS on allegations of civil RICO charges, in a 15yr legal federal court case, where AR groups PAID a Plaintiff to BE the Plaintiff, and such Plaintiff was found not credible, but to be a PAID Plaintiff, which is illegal……… paying $15.75m total (we believe ASPCA paid like $9.5m)

  1. “A federal judge concluded that Mr. Rider, who had received at least $190,000 in support from activist groups, was a “paid plaintiff” and ruled for the circus, which later brought a racketeering case against its accusers.1 By 2014, the Humane Society of the United States, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and other organizations ended up paying $25 million to Feld Entertainment in order to settle various claims.”  (From article 3/5/15 seen on Slate online)

Also see http://www.humanewatch.org for details of the federal lawsuit.

The AR groups “settled” to pay combined millions because if they did not, they would likely be hit with many more millions by losing the case and being forced to pay far, far more. Trust us, the AR groups in that case had absolutely no chance of willing on the RACKETEERING allegations, otherwise, they would have continued another 10 years if  allowed to do so.

After 15 years, the circus was tired, but Ringling already knew that the ARs would never stop filing lawsuits; Ringling (Feld Entertainment) announced that in 2018 the circus will not be using elephants; they will still use lions and tigers.

ARs will wear down people and businesses if they can afford to do so. And HSUS and ASPCA can well afford to fund massive lawsuits– but after this–they will likely focus on dog food (their own high priced alleged perfect food–but beware the Blue Buffalo scandal in Federal Court..) and forcing adoption,making it illegal to sell pets in pet stores,  making tandem investments in companies they have sought to influence, and forcing social media to keep taking their “side” by getting actors and actresses to pitch for them, making videos, even if contrived, and having Walmart agree to not sell brands they don’t “approve” of, even after EGGS will be $5.00/dozen due to HSUS Prop 2 law, avian flu deaths, and drought causing price changes.

OK (a little fun for a change……)

The Budweiser boat.. BUD 44_racing_series_mti_marine_technology

BUD 42-Supercat

pics…..   http://www.marinelink.com/news/superboat-defends-geico366857.aspx (which indicates 100% of funds of at least the largest team goes to American veterans charities.) Not animal groups.

The helicopters carry the safety divers for the boat crew.  It is the nature of the sport that if a boat crashes, there is very little time to try and save the crew (2 guys) In 2012 the MS GEICO boat was burned up in electrical incident…….(they have insurance obviously? lol)MissGeico burn


http://www.marinelink.com/news/superboat-defends-geico366857.aspx    Geicoboat-25458

BOAT Display 130594254701845


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Blog site is intended for general informational purposes only and is not legal advice. Nor can this website create an attorney-client relationship between the reader and  attorney. Blog is free; legal representation costs money. This blog is very unique because one almost never sees attorneys that have time/experience on the subject of bad animal laws/related. The ones that do are usually animal rights. We are not animal rights obviously.

We work with various attorneys, depending on the case. Usually those with some criminal law background, civil law, bankruptcy,  and experience with seizures of animals or ranch animals. We do know of a few Public defenders that also have private practice and are excellent with good track records.  We are finding that AC tends to not want to give up their discovery, and one must be adamant to get it.  In the past, some of the results we have been able to do include defending client prosecuted by the Attorney General on nine counts, all counts dismissed, no fines, no repayment [the other defendants paid $50k-$150k]; in CA alleged “abuse” case, West Hollywood, post seizure hearing found that the no warrant seizure was not sustained, but AC refused to return animals and case left in legal limbo;  in CA animal abuse case, seizure was suppressed and animals returned, 42 USC 1983/18 USC 242 application;  in another animal abuse case, all animals had been seized or killed prior to hiring of attorney, on three charges of abuse [felonies], acquitted on all charges, experts used by AC not good, and witnesses clueless; in animal code violation against rescue, allegation that rescuer had seven animals which was above the limit [which was a lie].. at trial, animal control refused to testify and lie so case was dismissed for failure to prosecute;   Court found Plaintiff successfully defended against summary judgment, case spanning 5yr (opposing national bank); client charged with robbery, client acquitted after defense counsel found police had misrepresented police report; in a case where “VP” of national non profit [canine related group] defamed the Plaintiff, one letter was sent out and nothing was ever seen again against victim [who did not want to bring suit] and yes, the person who defamed client is an AKC show dog person, and yes, we can prove it;  in a disputed dog bite case, defendants had no insurance, dog was off leash, Plaintiff alleged owner’s dog bit her while walking  her dog and demanded $125,000 with alleged $5790 in medical bills, case settled for $1,000 (one thousand) due to disputed facts. On a case involving allegation that show dog bit another dog, judge found that there was no evidence indicating show dog bit other dog or handler;also, the AKC form entry to enter dogs, is considered a contract [AKC claimed it was not a contract!]

Contributors to posting include:  Criminal defense counsel, former public defender in So Cal, 18.5 yr, cum laude grad UCLA; Civil rights and due process attorney, almost forty federal cases plaintiff/defense Northern CA;   Attorney in civil litigation, animal law legal case research, admin hearing published opinion, mixed civil/criminal litigation,Federal bankruptcy litigation, signed into Southern, Eastern, and Northern Districts (Federal),  property rights, seizure, constitutional law, moot court award,  involved in national animal “abuse” case;   We finished an alleged abuse case where abuse charges were filed on muzzling dog with paint tape (not duct tape,not nashua tape; tape that barely sticks)– clients took plea 30 day ankle bracelet. Contrary to popular belief, it does not take rocket science to work on animal cases, especially criminal defense; it takes experience in having worked such cases, and actual experience in how animal control works. Without that, it is considered by many to be the work that no one wants to do, due to the stigma attached to purported “abuse.”

We also work with CA Certified Humane Officers who are CA registered; animal husbandry experts, and forensic examiners. One of our group has a degree in animal science from U.C. Davis. We also have good access to forensic experts including Mr. Crosby and UC Davis experts. In addition, we have access now to a season USDA vet inspector and a well known vet who has testified in more than several appeals cases in California which are published.

[*Also note, one of our experts and two attorneys recently helped out of state family (WA) where all animals were seized. Family charged with animal abuse— even though attorney helping the family was not that familiar with animal law issues, we pointed out some key cases which could be generally applied in theory. The AC seizing agency later dropped all charges against the family in the case.]

Due Process had not been properly applied, plus AC’s knowledge of animal husbandry was lacking.  In addition, one expert we have worked with did testify in the U.S. v Stevens case, which was a huge loss for HSUS in the U.S. Supreme Court http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/09pdf/08-769.pdf

Readers are responsible for obtaining such advice from their own legal counsel. No client or reader should act or refrain from acting on the basis of any information contained in this blog site without seeking appropriate legal or other professional advice on the individual circumstance and its particular facts.   This ‘about’ page is not an attorney advertisement nor shall it be construed as such. Our contributors are not members of the same law firm nor do they have any connection with each other monetarily.


Decorah Eagle Site and cam:


3 eaglets born for 2015– see one hatching here:  http://whotv.com/2015/04/02/video-third-decorah-bald-eagle-hatch-of-2015/

In April 2011, there was inclement weather and the birds had to cope with snow on the babies and rain. The parent birds


“The Decorah eagle babies seem to have gotten off to a nice start today – thank goodness the bad weather is gone!http://raptorresource.blogspot.com/2011/04/mother-eagle-sheltering-her-young.html?

“Mother eagle sheltering her youngDespite today’s snow, ice, and rain, the eagle family is doing fine. The parents were very careful to keep their babies sheltered. You can see Mom holding her wings out and up to keep the rain and snow from her young. The bowl of softer materials that the eagles built in the larger nest also helps keep the babies away from the wet. I hope this is the last snowstorm the eagle family faces.” (2011)

Although viewers were fearful that the eaglets might not survive, the babies were well protected by the parents and all three eaglets lived to tell. Congratulations!  A tracking monitor may be placed on one of the juveniles so the bird habits can be studied. Each year, the eagles/eaglets that hatch are showcased on the raptor site. The nest/eggies/eaglets usually happen in early spring every year.


Enough money was raised after millions of viewers were watching the cams, and they stopped taking donations because they already have enough to fund next year’s cam for the entire year!

Too bad HSUS doesn’t do that.