HSUS Advice “Kill All Pets after 72hr.” 1,000 Killed

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These are just examples of what happens in shelters. NOT because they can’t necessarily get animals OUT, but because disease in many shelters is not properly managed?? (if these stories are any indication of truth)

Shelter in Las Vegas: 

Killed 1,000 animals,  closed down the shelter, saying distemper and other feline diease of some type was spreading, and they couldn’t get animals  sold after 120 days.   Officials at this animal shelter claimed they did not notice sick animals in their shelter, despite a full time vet working there, as the vet spent all his time spaying/neutering animals.

 HSUS  was asked for Advice.. 

 after many animals were  killed…. 

What did HSUS suggest?

HSUS said to Kill animals after 72 hours there. 

 WOW—is that helpful or what?! 

 Maybe they could call it the HSUS Kill-a-Thon! 

    HSUS Dollars for Dead dogs?     Shelter solutions?

I got it………Killing Saves Animals!  It’s Peta incognito.

Now we can see why HSUS doesn’t operate shelters. 

 There would be no animals in there because HSUS would have killed  them.

Is ANYONE even shocked that HSUS gave such advice? I admit, I was pretty surprised.  Surely killing every animal in 72hr. is NOT the solution?  For the LARGEST, RICHEST, “MOST POWERFUL” ANIMAL RIGHTS LOBBYING GROUP IN THE WORLD,



Clients got a dog from the shelter. They arranged to go back and get another dog from the shelter. Before getting the 2nd dog, the shelter was closed down because some disease was rampant. Client picked up the 2nd dog after it reopened and lo and behold, the 2nd dog came down ill.  It seems the 2nd dog had distemper and they had to return it so the shelter could kill it. [When one buys a shelter dog and finds it is ill, they let you return it and they kill it. ]  Now the client has to wait to see if the first dog will get ill and die.

The client is now mad because the shelter allowed buying of dogs after it re-opened. 


A dog owner’s dog got out of the yard, apparently it was brought to animal control, and when owner called, they said her dog was not there, but AC killed it the next day. AC says it was an “accident” to have killed it, but it needed to be killed.


Every animal in the shelter was killed because some disease spread throughout the place, affecting more than 170 animals.  Allegedly an employee was recorded to have said it is ok to “lightly” clean the kennels (rather than doing extensive cleaning)………

In Georgia, 77 animals were killed after disease caused an outbreak…..shelter director alleged the outbreak had been going on “for a couple of months.”  Allegedly antibiotics were ‘not’ working, and they were fearful that the infections would compromise their immunity and make them vulnerable to worse diseases.


In TN, shelter worker claimed that a 6mo. terrier pup Yorkie growled at a handler so she isolated it but the dog became extremely sick the next day, the dog was seen by a vet and diagnosed with parvovirus. They killed the dog claiming it was too far gone. Further, she said they had the heaters on and there was a possibility that dogs in isolation became infected, so they killed those dogs also.  14 pups and 3 adult dogs.

A Brooklyn shelter had to be shut down for nearly a week after 4 dogs and possibly dozens more  were killed by an outbreak of Strep Zoo.  Unfortunately, a rescuer who had taken in 6 dogs from the shelter said most of those dogs had become ill. They were bleeding from the nose and vomiting blood. At their sanctuary, they had to put 80 dogs on antibiotics and shut down for 9 days.

The Brooklyn shelter runs under a contract with the Health Dept and has struggled with underfunding, overcrowding and staff turnover. Their budget is 8.6mil/year.  Maybe they should follow HSUS’ advice. Kill all the animals in 72 hours.

9 thoughts on “HSUS Advice “Kill All Pets after 72hr.” 1,000 Killed

  1. OMG When will people get it that the HSUS is a friend of PETA??? Kill OUR dogs how ’bout we kill some of THEIR pets? OH YEAH…they DO keep pets of their own….assholes need a bit of their own medicine…I HATE PETA AND THE HSUS….

  2. Please help by posting/forwarding the Crusade Against HSUS. HSUS now has anti=pet regs stacked up for 19 states. Our best defense is to make the public aware of the truth. Bad news usually TRAVELS quickly. The worst thing we can do is to sit idle. Idleness will cause problems for us.

    Anyone who has access to a computer can post the Crusade against HSUS,Peta et al. Petdefense has 50 pages on Google……………how many do you have? People will get it when we also use humanewatch.org which is about HSUS, and when you forward the brochure to everyone (see links on rights side labeled flyers+brochures, already ready to send, by a great group in NC)

  3. Really dig into the Lied Shelter in Nevada and its history. This isn’t the 1st or 2nd time total kills have taken place there. There are no infection controls or isolation taking place and followed as policy or this could not happen and repeatedly. Last time HSUS wanted Lied reopened, HSUS gave all the outdated and worn out celebrities all the free publicity that otherwise would have cost each thousands of $$ to buy and brought them to Lied–where they Lied. These people are no more about saving animals than is HSUS. Think about the political power this group has. If it can eradicate domestic animals when it runs out of animals, my take is HSUS will turn to a campaign to selectively exterminate humans beginning with mandated vasectomies and hysterectomies.

  4. Since I don’t work there, I can’t know for sure. But it’s an easy out for getting rid of too many pets. If their shelter is disproportionately dogs that no one is interested in, then they should alter those for very low cost. It’s so much cheaper to kill animals that there isn’t much incentive. Esp when HSUS says to kill them in 3 days. And since HSUS does the audits,what they NEED is for an outside undercover snitch to get in there. Like those Kop Buster guys, or something along that line.

  5. do you know what parvovirus and distemper is? parvo is fatal…you need to do real research before jumping the gun and accusing HSUS, who has, and is, doing so much for animal rights, of all this shit. There is not a conspiracy, you are just another uneducated idiot.

  6. …..lol ok chief and yes, they would EU if animal had parvo-extremely contagious and fatal. read a book. : )

  7. Agreed. And if we could think of a way to eradicate parvo, we would be all for it.
    It is the scourge which focuses mostly on helpless young pups, and even Oprah’s
    big story when she adopted the pup, went on TV and spread parvo everywhere.
    Vaccinating is not a 100% cure. We trust you may know that.

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