HSUS Breeder (Snitch) Program

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The HSUS has come up with a 6 page document, purposely made just to turn in a breeder, seller, pet seller, petstore, etc, and mostly focused on anyone buying a dog!  Unfortunately the  link to the Endangered Owner blog does not seem to have the document online anymore.

The document purposely asks if there was ANY area that the seller would not let the buyer see?  The reason that question is purposely there, has to do with HSUS wanting to call one’s house the animal’s “shelter” and therefore, HSUS says quasi-law enforcement should be able to search it. You might not believe it but it’s true. HSUS is continually trying to think up ways to get around the 4th Amendment.  ONLY groups like HSUS+friends would even THINK of such things—but there’s the truth.




HSUS tries to CLAIM that people ask them for help, so they made this document.  In fact, we believe that HSUS trolls for Plaintiffs for lawsuits.

Always remember—the jack ($$$$) controls  HSUS…if there is no JACK in it for them, they do not DO IT.  That is why they ONLY do something that will either

(a)  create newsworthy stories,with celebrities,  to gain $$$$$$$

(b)  create stories to make them look GOOD, to gain  $$$$$$

(c)  create  stories to make OTHERS look BAD, to gain $$$$$$

(d) create a legal precedent so they can make anti-pet/animal laws, then brag about it, and of course, to gain  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

HSUS is a bunch of strung together corporations, both in the USA and abroad.  They are clever, and tricky.  HSUS does ONLY that which will end up putting  the jack  $$$$$  in their pockets. That does not explain the huge shortfall involving taking in millions during Katrina, without being able to properly account for it.  HSUS is under IRS investigation for lobbying outside of the allowed paramenters. See humanewatch.org for details.

If there is no $$$$$ gain for it, then it serves no purpose. For example, HSUS doesn’t really do much to actually SAVE shelter dogs, since saving those dogs isn’t high on their LIST or agenda.  They just make it look like IT IS.  But obviously it is NOT since HSUS TELLS shelters to kill pets after they are there 72hr. 

7 thoughts on “HSUS Breeder (Snitch) Program

  1. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I have volunteered for Humane Shelters over the last 10 years. And can tell you first hand that you are incorrect. Perhaps you have the Humane shelter confused with the local animal control!
    The truth about euthanasia and the HSUS is they only euthanize in cases where the animal is extremely aggressive or sick without chance of recovery.

  2. I can’t believe no one has commented on this site!
    You must moderate every contradiction; otherwise, you would have many posts.

  3. The Humane Society of the United States..HSUS does not maintain shelters. They just solicit for funds

  4. No we are not confused. H$U$ is in Washington D.C. Many humane shelters in different states are rushing to DIS associate themselves witht he H$U$. Apparently due to the truthful video that came out which exposes H$U$. H$U$ does not really want to save shelter animals, they USE she plight of such animals to enforce, regulate, and trick shelters into believing that they want to save such animals. Facts prove otherwise. This is documented on Nathan Winograd’s site. H$U$ did not even approve of off site adoptions, feral cat rescue, TNR, or even rescuing animals. When Katrina took place, H$U$ was there all right. But the animals didn’t necessarily go back to owners. And where did the alleged $34m go that was taken in by H$U$? Can they account for it in total? NOPE. and they never have accounted for it. And they have never been held accountable.

  5. PETA tried to stop Fox Hunting in England by giving Tony Blair a $ million…But it didn’t work..HSUS has learned from that lesson..by limiting the dogs owned, the kennel inspecition, selling etc….They will limit Fox Hunting and many breeders………………..

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