HSUS Forcing ANTI-PET Laws Against Rescues+Owners+Kennels

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Below is the link to the PDF  re the 19 states, and all details:

Unfortunately, cannot get the PDF link to work correctly, so here is the link to an archive of same thing:


This detailed summary PDF was done by John Yates  of the American Sporting Dog Alliance. Mr. Yates passed away not that long ago, but we will always be grateful for his wonderful work for animal owners. Yates and other experienced dog trainers and dog handlers, etc, have formed a group (NICE) to work on opposition points that HSUS has misled shelters with, including number rolling, non disclosure, unverified stats, and other tactics used to hide the truth. 

HSUS is also targeting rescue groups in with owners,breeders,kennels,shelters.   HSUS wants no animals used or owned. HSUS wants excessive “HSUS” regulations in place that no one can afford, that are over the top, that are excessive and even arbitrary and in many cases, not constitutional.

What is happening across the United States is HSUS keeps harping on shelters, yet HSUS ITSELF has admitted that there is no actual “overpopulation.”  What we have instead is just a supply/demand where shelters cannot possibly fulfill the demand for desired pets.

HSUS already knows that shelters are NOT petstores and cannot be petstores.

So HSUS strategy is to take out petstores and NOT HELP shelters, therefore that would eliminate those 2 sources of animals.

[When HSUS uses its HSUS State “Directors”, it is NOT “helping”, it is instead forcing HSUS tactics upon the people who actually don’t know any better. I guarantee that wherever HSUS implemented a “helpful” city ordinance, it was anti-pet in nature, and there is proof of that.]

THEN at same time HSUS is trying to eliminate hobby, home, and commercial breeding, via restricting everything and making it all cost a fortune, with excessive fees, fines, penalties, and compliance. Including Mandatory spay neuter (MSN)–which has been proven to never work, costs a fortune, and bankrupts animal shelters.  

MEMPHIS, TENN. — The Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA) anticipates mandatory spay/neuter and breed-specific banning legislation — both of which it opposes — to be introduced in the next legislative session. “Both of these issues are really tricky,” says Charles Halford, DVM and TVMA president. “We want dogs to be spayed and neutered, but mandatory spay/neuter seems almost like a civil-liberty problem. As an American, I don’t want the government to tell me I have to.”

Municipalities should put more time and money into educating pet owners on the needs of spay/neuter procedures and programs that provide the service to those who qualify at a discounted fee, rather than focusing on punishing violators, Halford says.

And breed-banning legislation creates nothing but “ineffectiveness,” he says. “I can’t imagine it is going to be successful or helpful. It is a terrible problem having vicious animals on the street, but identifying them by breed is not the answer. It is a people problem, not an animal problem.”  Unable to give out link as it is no longer operative.

8 thoughts on “HSUS Forcing ANTI-PET Laws Against Rescues+Owners+Kennels

  1. The link for hsus-2009-asda1, goes to a blank page. Sorry to put this in a comment, but I could not find a way to contact you.

    Keep up the good work. You have some great articles on your site.

    Elisa Law
    Florida Animal Laws – working to fight restrictive animal legislation

  2. Yes pets are not overpopulated-which is what makes hsus so evil, and WHY I am on this site, incidentally.

  3. I am an Animal Control Officer. There are too many animals, and not enough homes. They are dying by the thousands, every day, all across the country. They, for one reason or another, end up in the shelters. They are taken by catch pole, to the euthanasia room, and put down. Simply put, because they were born. People say that they don’t want the government to tell them that they “have to” spay or neuter their pets. Well, guess what? The government tells you that you “have to” PAY TAXES! If you like it or not. Guess what else? The cost of Animal Control, gas, shelter care, food, water bills, electricity to run the shelter, gas for the incinerator (which by the way, is where the animals ultimately end up), phones, etc., is all paid by your tax dollars! So, the bottom line is, SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS.
    I, along with thousands of other Animal Control, and shelter workers, see the end results of your oppositions every day. Get over yourself. It isn’t about you. It is about the animals, their rights, and their feelings. Animals do have feelings, if you like that or not. It is about controlling the animal overpopulation problem, the shelters are full. It is about trying to decrease dog bite statistics, dogs at large, kittens being born under trailers, feral cats that have no place to go, feral dogs attacking people, domestic animals, and livestock. It is about humane education, for children, AND THEIR PARENTS. It is about eliminating the surplus of unwanted animals, and preventing them from running loose, and trying to survive. Don’t you people get it? You can make ignorant, inconsiderate, and uneducated statements, but you are part of the problem. Accept it, or do something about it. Walk through a municipal animal control facility, on any day of the week. I guarantee you, that your opinion will be different. If it isn’t, then I hope you can’t sleep at night. I hope you eventually do learn humane animal care, and that you will take it upon yourself, to spay or neuter your pets. Seriously, this is really sad. It is so sad, that my Dad, and I have transported over 500 owned animals, to a spay/neuter clinic, and transported them back to their owners, just to do our part, and stop the problem. We still transport.

  4. Also, the spay, neuter, and vaccination programs that are in place, in Illinois, are free and low cost. People are complaining that the prices are too high, and they are. If the mandatory laws were passed, the programs would have to be in place wherever the laws are to be enforced. Illinois and Missouri have countless groups who do this. If we can do it, other states can too. The program that we transport to, charges $5, for cats, and $10 for dogs, for spay and neuter surgeries. The vaccinations are $25 on the same day of surgery. It can, and is being done.

  5. We arent against altering but it should not be mandatory as it has proven to fail. We already know where most pound animals come from and it is not from wealthy areas. Therefore there is factual data showing they come from the lowest economic areas. That is targeted altering needed.

    Anyone who is vigilant with their animals can prevent unwanted litters but no one says its easy. CA stats prove which areas all of the animals come from yet in Los Angeles, rather than applying targeted altering to those areas, they shut it down and blamed West Los Angeles.

    People, we know what altering is. IF it was done in the targeted areas, you WOULD see less animals but it takes 7 years. Maybe longer. Feral cats are an entire issue unto themselves.

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