HSUS + ASPCA et al, Being Sued on RICO Charges Along with Other AR Groups and Their Lawyers 

According the the Federal Judge’s decision, after NINE years, a ‘lil somthin’ somethin’ finally transpired in the world of justice.  !!#@#$!#$!#!#%$

YES      HSUS and ASPCA and others are facing RACKETEERING CHARGES in the lawsuit against them after ASPCA lawsuit of 9 years– LOSES big time.

It’s about time this nonsense of fake lawsuits by AR groups starts to become public.

Apparently in the well known Barnum+Bailey circus (Feld Entertainment] case, essentially it was FOUND that the AR groups were paying the Plaintiff to be the Plaintiff. [NO–it is not legal nor ethical to pay a Plaintiff to be the Plaintiff!!]

Thank God the Plaintiff was NOT credible and the case was blown wide open during the very long trial, resulting in a huge 50+ page decision, ALL of it against the AR groups. Not kidding.  This is monumental, from Federal Court, and believe us, Judge was very pissed off and did the findings on the case so meticulously that there could be absolutely no doubt— as to the guilt of those Animal Rights groups. It is very likely that after this huge victory against the AR groups, every Federal Judge in the entire country has probably heard about it.

https://petdefense.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/barnum-eleph-case-decis-09.pdf    [Barnum prevailing after 9 years in Court with Judge finding ARs paid for Plaintiff to be the Plaintiff]

 Barnum v Anim Rights RICO  [Barnum filed RICO charge lawsuit against AR groups and named attys, including HSUS atty]

We expect this case will take several years and the AR groups will have difficulty in defending the case due to the prolonged length of time the Plaintiff was paid.  Part of the problem aside from using misrepresentation by the ARs, is the cost involved for the court system to tie up court resources during that time. The reading of the findings by Judge after the case ended indicated he took special pains to ensure the ARs would not slip out of the decision. It would appear that it was pretty tight and not likely any amount of AR wrangling would really change the findings since much of the worst evidence came directly from the ARs themselves.

One thought on “HSUS-ASPCA et al Sued RICO

  1. I agree, Kudo’s to B&B, these AR groups have left me in a horrible struggle in the worst time of my life, not to mention that of my pets. Thanks to them, I cannot get anything for my horses, and now have to decide if giving them away is safer than selling them, since the market is only now for the killer buyers. So if I give them away, you think the killers wouldn’t want a ‘freebie’ horse to slaughter?

    Makes me just sick! It isn’t just the circus that was vindicated, I wish the livestock association would sue the hell out of those AR groups too for causing us loss of income and causing us more expenses to keep our horses!

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