Lawsuits v HSUS+Victory

Norman Pang Lawsuit v HSUS, Hawaii  NormanPang_Lawsuit_Sept_2009  Case settled in Pang’s favor

PETLAND_lawsuit_dismissal_2  HSUS v Petland dismissal  HSUS lost

Part of the complaint, which was drafted by HSUS lawyers, alleged violations of the RICO statute (racketeering).

In August of that same year, a federal judge in Arizona dismissed the entire lawsuit, but allowed the plaintiffs an opportunity to re-file the case. This document is the order granting the defendants’ motion for dismissal. The case was later re-filed and most of its claims were dismissed a second time.

Feld (Barnum Bailey RICO against HSUS ASPCA+more allowed to move forward) FELD_opinion

Barnum Bailey already won the case (as defendant) when ARs sued the circus. Court found Barnum Bailey was not guilty and that the ARs paid the “plaintiff” for years to BE the plaintiff. That is not legal. ARs lost, they appealed, it didn’t work. Thus ARs have a losing case against them. Then the Barnum Bailey got permission to file for RICO charges against the ARs. That will likely take another 5 years, based only on the behavior of the ARs (there are quite a few of them, and likely they have free help.) Winning a RICO complaint against ARs has likely never been done, and they will do everything they can to stop it.  However, seeing as how it was proven in court that the Plaintiff was paid by the ARs, it is very very likely that the RICO complaint will be successful even if it takes 5 years.

Feld_RICO Complaint v HSUS et al  (RICO complaint against the ARs incl. HSUS+ASPCA+those named+filed)

HSUS bylaws  (viewed on  HSUS_bylaws_2004

All of these cases are catalogued on

A key part in the section called “Article IX—Use of Funds” notes the following:

All available funds of the Society shall be used for the immediate relief of suffering and the vigorous prosecution of humane education except as otherwise provided by law or the specific terms of a gift or mandate of a donor. (emphasis added)

There is also the case filed against HSUS in an illegal search warrant raid on dog breeder.

SouthDakotaSearchWarrantRuling   after this order was obtained the owner filed lawsuit in Federal Court we believe.


Vick_Oct12  (PDF of the picture)

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