ARs Not Focused on Shelters,but Breeders

Summary of Common Misrepresentations by Animal Rights:

artactic1-5 and  ar6-7  [pdf]

What is the actual hidden agenda of all animal rights?   Hint: It ain’t about those shelter dogs!!  You can get that out of your mind right away.

The 12 Steps of Animal Rights can be found on our links column to the right on this blog. That explains the entire agenda. Below are two AR goals which affect  our ownership of animals/pets, businesses related to pets, jobs related to pets, commerce in pet industries, and far more.

The agenda of all animal rights (AR) is:

(1)  To stop the pet trade/animal commerce, the selling and buying of animals, the use of animals for any purpose, including food/any products, testing and any other uses.  The 2 major AR groups are HSUS/Peta. This is a very extreme belief whether or not the AR group says it publicly. This is most clearly, NOT animal welfare. [Animal welfare does not try to change the legal status of animals] 

(2) To change the LAW in the USA where animals would NOT be classified as property.  Animals are legally classified as property nearly universally in the USA.  Attempts to change this legality has not progressed much but HSUS keeps filing new laws to try and change it anyway.

The pdf list above (primer)  has some of the most common nonsense used by animal extremists,  understand that when they say anything, it’s almost always BS, because  subterfuge and misrepresentations is used for almost everything they do. Animal rights is based on a  lifestyle belief, not facts, that animals are NOT property.

Ignorance and failure to act while dogs are imported from third world countries, dogs are bought from commercial breeders by dog rescues, and then resold as “adopted”,  dogs are shipped off weekly from Central California and Los Angeles to Oregon, dogs from Central Mexico are brought into Chico,CA,  dogs are flown in from Taiwan to San Francisco,  dogs are imported from Puerto Rico to the Eastern Seaboard– this all indicates there are many willing owners out there—and a shortage of desirable dogs!!

 That is not called overpopulation.  That is called fleecing the public and claiming “overpopulation.” 

Since we know which dogs are not being adopted, it makes sense to target the logical source of these animals. And the source is usually the lower economic areas that have the highest shelter kill rate.  Those areas are well known in most communities. Targeted, focused low cost/free altering or non surgical birth control for those pets is the logical solution.

Shelters  don’t usually do this because many shelters are led by animal rights people, who instead, STEER THE SHELTERS INTO THIS:

“We can mandate altering +force everyone to comply. Then when they don’t comply, we fine ’em+ that will make they comply.”  

Unknown to most of the public, animal rights extremists are not really interested in saving shelter animals, and that’s why they continue to BLAME breeders.  Their ACTUAL target IS breeders, but they use shelter animals simply as the ruse, the ploy, the crutch.


 Shelter animals are a convenient EXCUSE for targeting breeders, despite the very obvious FACTS that shelter dogs are mostly NOT the product of purposeful breeders.  Do we really think animal extremists don’t know that?  Of course they know it. 

It only takes one trip to a shelter to see what dogs are not sold, and which cats (adults/ferals).

Most animal extremists also use generalizations such as “intact dogs bite people more” or “altered dogs are safer”……… the bottom line is, they will say anything to try and make everyone believe that if a dog is intact, it’s going to cause you harm.  The intended purpose of this is obviously to get rid of dogs being born. Remember, the extremists love to say you can’t buy a dog. But it’s ok for someone to buy their rescued dog?

Why dogs from Mexico, dogs from Puerto Rico, dogs from Taiwan and even cats are imported from England?  Why there is a waiting line for all these dogs?  Why so-called “rescues” are obtaining milled dogs by buying them at auction, and then spending over $350,000 on vet care while other shelter animals are left to die? Why do shelters release borderline + questionable animals which have failed temperament testing instead of sending out only the dogs which have good temperaments?

Animal extremists such as Peta and HSUS lure the young and naive, especially ONLINE + spend huge time, money, energy and hire TV personalities and movie stars to work on closing down pet stores, hobby breeders, commercial breeders and individuals from advertising + selling  their own dogs,  to cut off the supply of desirable (in demand small breed) dogs to the public, claiming that such dogs should not be purchased, and that owners ‘should be’ adopting from a shelter. 

13 thoughts on “ARs Not Focused on Shelters,but Breeders

  1. thank you if i am not mistaken, there are people working on that, it might be Yates/the Chicago group since they have extensive info on the shelter stats. In general, people do NOT understand how HSUS gets on TV, has someone show ONE video, and all of a sudden EVERY SINGLE DOG belongs in that group? Not only is that ridiculous, it just shows the level of knowledge that people have–they have little and no knowledge. If you can, please help by joining the Crusade Against HSUS and see the brochure/info which is free to download (see link on blogroll at right and look for borchure/flyers)
    We have found that using the Internet and consistently telling new groups and new people spreads the truth the fastest ………many dog people know others that might have a dog but think it won’t affect them. Of course it will because if their kids, relatives, friends,family ever want to buy a dog, they won’t be able to, if this keeps up. Yet HSUS even TELLS people to buy from someone where you can see the dog, yet they tell people not to BUT a puppy! The US govt is aware of HSUS credibility problems such as where did the $$ in Katrina go, how HSUS hires ALF people, felons, and raises funds for same. But HSUS will end up hanging itself due to its unethical conduct. We want to get the message to the public because most people who donate to HSUS don’t realize how BAD it is, and HSUS does not help save shelter animals. In fact their MSN programs drive shelters and rescues into being broke, while HSUS is laughing.

  2. We need to start everyone asking President Obama to cut all ties with animal rights activism, particularly the HSUS. We should ask him to investigate them for their unethical activities.

  3. I also wanted to say that if anyone manages to depopulate feral cats we will be overwhelmed with plagues of rats and mice. Plague, carried by rats, is far more dangerous than the very small incidence of rabies carried by feral cats. The cats also protect our food supply.

  4. Hi and thank you. If you can, please send us the bill # and we will write about it. Mr. Yates may have done it already but I will look at it as well.

  5. HSUS is writting bills for states to pass. Why is it that special interest groups are writting bills for the people??? WHAT ARE POLITICIANS FOR???

  6. Many politicians don’t know that much about animals, so hsus saw a loophole where they can end up drafting laws by sending in model law types, drafted by their AR lawyers. Because some legislators do NOT realize Hsus is AR, they buy into the mentality because they don’t know the truth. Many legislators know about Peta, so if Peta tried to draft a law, as Peta says “It’s the kiss of death”

    Therefore our job is to ensure enough of the public knows what HSUS is doing, and enough of the government knows, so they won’t take hsus pre-written laws. Then, other people need to be able to quickly terminate the hsus proposals. That can only be done by specifically knowing more than Hsus, and bringing forward those facts. It is not difficult to do but it does take time.

    concerned owners and business people do not realize the magnitude of hsus’ horrific reach. But if EACH of us tells 10 people, and those 10 tell people, and so on down the line for 5 levels, it becomes like an urban legend in spreading the word, only it won’t be a legend. The interent (outside of TV) is the only way to do it. and it doesnt cost us money…..We work hard, then hsus has to work HARDER AND SPEND MORE $$$. That’s what we want—hsus to have to spend $$$ to defend what they do……..that means less for them to spend on what they ACTUALLY DO, LESS DONATIONS, AND MORE WORK FOR THEM………….We can do it, but many more people just need to help us spread the word to the public………it can be anyone. They don’t have to even own a pet.

  7. We find the provision that the dog be limited to 2 litters would have no compelling state interest, or even a rational reason behind it. Not sure why the social security has to be given up, or the criminal background check. What about the stud dogs? Are they left out? Pretty much the law is HSUS drafted for limiting the number of dogs that can be sold, traded or bought; the red tape and fees per year are indicative of more regulation, higher expense, and more penal penalties, in the hopes that it will cause people to give up. If everyone gave up, the prices of dogs would go up astronomically. They are already not affordable for many people, and this would ensure pets could be owned by only wealthy citizens.

  8. Why are there no commercials on TV going against HSUS?

    I see HSUS on TV all the time. With actors and singers singing and telling you they are saving these animals. So send them your donations! Bla bla bla!! And showing pitiful dogs and cats !

  9. TV commercials are expensive, and the pet trade (let’s say dog food) has not been affected yet. But if HSUS gets the laws in place that cuts 40% of existing dogs, then impacts future ownership (due to high cost, can’t buy online, can’t buy from breeder, can’t buy from owner, can’t buy from breeder who has gone out of business) then you are looking at re-homed dogs as the only source. That is certainly NOT what the majority of pet owners want, nor the majority of the public. However, the Pet Industry is well aware of HSUS attempts at passing laws. and have so far managed to de-rail many of the laws. However, filing 200 laws, 300, 400 laws for example, by HSUS, will require a more assertive position by corporations that sell pet products. Eventually right before laws that are major in scope, there would likely be some type of commercials. In CA there are 3 such laws. Since the pet industry has a wide following and is one of the largest interstate commerce industries collectively in the nation (as large as Walmart)— the corporations do not yet feel threatened. But owners do. It’s a matter of elimination of choice, which involves interstate commerce (since the sales are involved in all states)

  10. We need to unite all the anti HSUS groups into the NRA of anti ARs. There is some awfully good stuff online, this site being one of the better ones. So far the pet business’ lack of unity is what is our downfall. Of course, this applies to all HSUS victims, and victims to be.

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