http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta8GdABQPHA  This was taken down under the allegation of “copyrght” issue.

http://www.vidoosh.tv/play.php?vid=4360  Here is the same video that was put up in a foreign country since the H$U$ or cohorts keep having the ABC news channel take it down.

See http://www.humanewatch.org

Channel 2 (ABC) out of Atlanta tells it like it is, the way HSUS does not account for the $34 million it took in from KATRINA DONATORS …………

HSUS financial statements show most of their money is spent on lobbying, legislative costs, lawsuits, litigation, political related costs, media, advertising, and large salaries. NOT pets in the United States.  HSUS is currently trying to push almost 200 Anti pet laws across the USA. In addition, HSUS is making laws against both rescues, dog breeders, and even owners.

If you didn’t know this, read this blog. It has just about everything you ever wanted to know about HSUS and how it operates, especially in the legal strategy area. Too bad it’s not about constitutional rights for people, owners or business. It’s strictly for the vegan lifestyle. Or shall we say “forced on people, vegan lifestyle.”

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