15-16 Plague Cases, 4 Deaths in 2015

Outbreak of Human Pneumonic Plague with Dog-to-Human and Possible Human-to-Human Transmission — Colorado, June–July 2014 Weekly May 1, 2015 / 64(16);429-434 http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6416a1.htm Janine K. Runfola, MS1, Jennifer House, DVM2, Lisa Miller, MD2, Leah Colton, PhD2, Donna Hite1, Alex Hawley1, Paul Mead, MD3, Martin Schriefer, PhD3, Jeannine Petersen, PhD3, Colleen Casaceli, MPH4, Kristine M. Erlandson, MD5, … Continue reading

Judge Threatens Local HSUS Pres with Contempt, Jail

IT’S ABOUT TIME!!  This happened in 2013, but it still DOES happen in both CA and nationwide……………… FOLKS— WE ARE SLOWLY MAKING PROGRESS AS TO SEIZURES! After a hearing re PC 597.1, California, a hearing officer apparently found a Lincoln CA horse owner was able to get his animals back. As we have stated many … Continue reading

Detroit Police Kill Dogs; Lawsuits+More

Why Are Detroit Cops Killing So Many Dogs? A Reason investigation reveals widespread, unchecked violence against pets during drug raids—including two officers who have shot more than 100. C.J. Ciaramella | November 15, 2016    http://reason.com/archives/2016/11/15/the-detroit-police-department-is-running Excerpt: A Clash Between Family Dogs and Militarized Police Tactics      There are currently around 83 million dogs … Continue reading