New Help in CA Will Focus on Animal Cases

New Help in CA Will Focus on Animal Cases

We have been working to find attorneys for California cases so we can work on more bad seizure cases– because they are horrendously expensive if you must sue the government, we prefer cases where we don’t need to sue necessarily the government entities, but the private HUMANE GROUPS that often rip off owners, and end … Continue reading

Horse Massage is Illegal? Possibly, if you are not a vet– in Arizona??? BUT……then they PREVAILED!!! Animal massage therapists won the right Tuesday to practice in the state of Arizona without a veterinarian license. Previous laws under the Arizona State Veterinary Medical Examining Board made it illegal for anyone except licensed veterinarians to provide animal massage. And those … Continue reading

Forced SALES: Non Profit+Shelters Only!?

Word is out that Mancuso (Social Compassion of CA) is aiming to turn the animal pet industry into 100% AR nonsense…..…maybe by having ALL animals sold, or at least dogs, only to be sold by shelters and rescues………….or maybe just “non profits.”  That word makes us want to barf. The 2017 Pet Rescue & Adoption Act … Continue reading

Horse Seizure Case, Owner Acquitted…

YES this is an old story. After the head of the “rescue” shown below (blonde) managed to get tons of donations (at least $40,000 alone from WF/BofA banks+ many more thousands…)—for taking the seized horses, which a Receiver did by obtaining a Court order, without any due process hearing, and where that Receiver then sued … Continue reading