Study says 18-34yr olds 48% More Likely to BUY a Pet

Survey by the best friends group says that younger people 18-34 are MORE likely to buy a pet from a breeder or store than adopting? 46% young as compared to 31% total………as most shelters do not have coveted breed types like Yorkie, Malts, Bichon, malti poo, poodles and the like, one has to buy the … Continue reading

Seizure Case Victories+Article Against Humane Society SD

The long standing bank-horse-rescue seizure criminal charges from 2011 has ended in OWNER’S favor!!! Lassen County, The Grace Foundation of Nor Cal, and the errant bank receiver and attorney who helped set it all up…….timothy m. ryan of Irvine?? Paddleboy? Acquittal on all 21 counts of alleged felony abuse This goes to show that just … Continue reading

Pet stores Breeders buying and Some Common Sense…on dogster? In general, we don’t really care for this site (dogster) BUT we admit, in this particular link and the forum comments, you can actually read some valid facts and comments.  Whenever AR laws try and force people into only owning or buying or obtaining a certain product, such as an animal (because it is … Continue reading

Petco Won’t Sell Goldfish to Customer, Lawsuit Based on Civil Rights Filed… (see link for entire story and comments) CIVIL RIGHTS Petco won’t sell goldfish to Persians on spring equinox, lawsuit says POSTED SEP 01, 2015 10:50 AM CDT BY MARTHA NEIL Petco Animal Supplies Stores have a “systemic” practice of refusing such sales around the time of the spring equinox, he alleges, and treated him … Continue reading