PETA LOSES IN COURT AGAIN,MONKEY DOESN’T HAVE RIGHTS TO OWN COPYRIGHT… In 2015 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (“PETA”) and Dr. Antje Engelhardt filed a complaint for copyright infringement against Slater, Wildlife, and Blurb, as Next Friends on behalf of Naruto. (Naruto is the monkey)… The complaint alleges that Dr. Engelhardt has studied the crested macaques in Sulawesi, Indonesia for over a … Continue reading

Commercial Dog Sales are Illegal in Pet Stores– BUT It’s OK to Sell Commercial Kennel Dogs if You’re a “Non Profit” Bandit? Even if the Dog Cost $1,787?

 The answer to the question apparently is YES…… COMMERCIAL SALES GRID10012017_00001    (click on above link for legal theory of why certain laws may not be legit, like City of San Diego pet law, which seemed wildly illegal……..) investigations/dog-auction-rescue-groups-donations/?utm_term=.03b744892943 [click on above link to read the EXPOSE–well known already to us–BUT– this time, it … Continue reading

Yep,Rescues Ratted Out for Selling Dogs of the “Enemy” Kennels, Paying up to $5k for One Dog…No Surprise to Us…..Nope….Old News… investigations/dog-auction-rescue-groups-donations/?utm_term=.03b744892943 This bullshit has always been the case, and even more so now that California has outlawed the SALES of ANY dog or puppy, and more—-such as kittens or rabbits by any retail store. ONLY rescues and non profits can sell the animals in a pet store? “One rescuer, Jessica Land, who helps operate … Continue reading

Chicken Cages HSUS Really About Bacon…see 2018 SCOTUS Update..YES the Chicken law of CA is at the United States Supreme Court now

People: We were right then (2002,2008,etc.) and we are right now. The entire BS of giving chickens/all animals this, that and the other a la “HSUS”,ASPCA and other AR groups who try and force vegan lifestyle,no whales, no elephants or large animals,etc…..they have a right to not like it, but they don’t have a right … Continue reading

So the CA ‘Chicken Law’ by HSUS… Finally Comes Home to Roost 10 years later at the Supreme Court….THANKFULLY!!! Uh huh.  FINALLY, 10 years after frickin’ HSUS got all the dummies out there to vote on their chicken law in CA, claiming that eggs sent to CA for sale had to be raised in certain sized cages [well it could have been slightly different than that but Hell it was 10 years ago, … Continue reading