Win on Post Seizure Hearing–The Truth

This is a direct copy of a page from a Post Seizure Hearing in CA. Sorry we could not improve the quality of the document. (the document is at end of post) Although it saved the owner from any fines or costs, as seizure was not upheld for purposes of “seizure”, thus owner is not … Continue reading

Improve Breeding Standards not Ban Sales

A recent Harris Poll found that, by an overwhelming margin, America’s dog and cat owners say the best way to ‘crack down’ on illegal breeding is not to ban the sale of dogs and cats at local pet stores, but rather to enact and enforce enhanced breeding standards (67% vs. 33%). And in Arizona, the … Continue reading

Animals in the CA Family Code Since 2014

CALIFORNIA FAMILY.CODE SECTION 6320-6327 6320. (a) The court may issue an ex parte order enjoining a party from molesting, attacking, striking, stalking, threatening, sexually assaulting, battering, credibly impersonating as described in Section 528.5 of the Penal Code, falsely personating as described in Section 529 of the Penal Code, harassing, telephoning, including, but not limited to, … Continue reading