ARs Push CA AG to File Appeal on Foie Gras Ban Decision

MORE than you ever wanted to know about foie gras, the ban, the sale, the non sale, and why HSUS thinks it will win at 9th Circuit Appeals……..currently, foie gras cannot be produced in CA. It can be sold by restaurants. …[C]onsequences for California restaurateurs flouting the ban continue to mount, with a San Jose … Continue reading

White papers: Damages and Guardianship+ OMG

You won’t find this article and comment anywhere except here. and it’s true—because we know the AR thinking and planning movement. No one else probably bothers to think that far ahead. …[I]n Rabideau v. City of Racine, an off-duty police officer shot his neighbor’s dog after it entered his yard and smelled his family … Continue reading

The 10 Commandments a la HSUS+PETA Not new,still true

Get it straight: HSUS, PETA and all the other national groups are NOT about shelter animals, period. They are about animal rights: 1.  Lobbying for animal rights–it’s all about the jack $$$ for animal rights businesses..using “shelter animals” as a ruse to gain donations…most animals in shelters are returned to shelters, often withing 6mo or … Continue reading

Feed Stray Animal, Go to Jail?

Elderly man goes to jail for 9 days for feeding cats; advocacy group hopes to rewrite law POSTED FEB 17, 2015 04:30 PM CST BY MARTHA NEIL A 76-year-old Texas man did not spend nine days in jail for feeding stray cats for nothing. David Parton said he wouldn’t have paid the $900 he was … Continue reading

ARs “Adopt” out Biting+Dangerous–But WHY??

Originally posted in 2009, every bit still true today………..even the HSUS marginal dogs article (which HSUS has removed when they revamped their site due to allegations of too much lobbying–they had 4000 pages and turned it into a kindergarten site theme now, to appear to be doing “less” lobbying…) Note that  some of this is … Continue reading

Wack jobs Put Dead Animals Here/There Causing Concern

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —Although investigators announced Friday an arrest in the case of a puppy burned alive in Sacramento County, questions remain over a different case of incidents where farm animals were decapitated and left in public places. COW, LAMB AMONG MUTILATED ANIMALS FOUND IN 3 SAC PARKS Two days after a woman and some … Continue reading