Commerce Clause, Wickard v Filburn +More

Rational basis that drivers must have drivers license….yes Rational basis that pet stores MUST only sell rescue,shelter,rehomed or from non profit?………….nope…. Seizure without due process…………………(see video below) You will not see any state attempt to pass the HSUS “no commercial kennel” dogs sold by pet stores……… would be blatantly illegal.

Personal ?’s on Rescue App; Amt. Needed to Give Pet to San Diego Charity

Name of your employer Your date of birth Your co-applicant date of birth Your co-applicant employer How long at current address/how much time out of town? What situations are ok to find your dog another home: house soiling,new baby,no time,medical issues,shedding,kids won’t help,moving,too big, dog doesn’t like kids too much work, medical (owner), aggressive,won’t get … Continue reading

Fatal Attack Advice..Avoidance Rather than Science

Fatal attacks by dogs seem to be increasing, and usually the news claims the dog was a generic ‘pitbull.’ Since there is no breed known as pitbull, any dog with a flat head and stocky body with short hair might make the “look.” And as has been known, mixed breed dogs do not necessarily look … Continue reading

7+ Yr Ago the AR “Cause”+ Pets Push Got Worse

We almost threw up our lunch…….truly, PetSmart using Pinterest with their crap turns us off s-o-o-o-o-o much– we won’t be shopping there anymore, unless we absolutely must. Pet retailer goes to a British bidder in the year’s largest U.S. private equity deal.  London-based private equity firm BC Partners has won the auction for retailer … Continue reading