Dog Sniffs Out Porn Evidence

This dog helped sniff out porn evidence against Jared Fogle POSTED AUG 26, 2015 07:21 AM CDT BY DEBRA CASSENS WEISS A Labrador named Bear helped find a thumb drive in the home of Jared Fogle, playing a key role in child porn charges against the former Subway pitchman. The dog is trained to … Continue reading

One So Cal Town Rejects Mandatory Altering

A SO CAL TOWN ACTUALLY REJECTED MANDATORY ALTERING…………….. (AND THAT’S DESPITE THE CA COURT RULING, THAT MSN IS NOT ILLEGAL………) When Concerned Dog Owners in So Cal  filed their appeal on MSN, we knew they would lose, so they should have just stopped when they lost at the trial level…there are worse things. The appeal … Continue reading

Study says 18-34yr olds 48% More Likely to BUY a Pet

Survey by the best friends group says that younger people 18-34 are MORE likely to buy a pet from a breeder or store than adopting? 46% young as compared to 31% total………as most shelters do not have coveted breed types like Yorkie, Malts, Bichon, malti poo, poodles and the like, one has to buy the … Continue reading

10 Min of Funny but to ARs it Would be “Abuse”

Animal entertainment even in movies, where the animals are actors, and in dog shows, where animals strut for recognition, and in nearly any type of service, even in the military, where a dog can be lost by detonation to save the men’s lives, is considered non humane by AR activists. HSUS and friends want every … Continue reading