Who We Blame For “Rescue Retail” Sales?

IN large part, elitist breeders (mostly show dog people)– are to blame, because they keep using the word “p***ymill” as if was an actual WORD. By blaming breeders, instead of trying to concentrate on the FACTS and LIES promoted, they helped people to hate ALL breeders.  (Don’t get us wrong, to have show dogs and … Continue reading

Animal Law Cases by Florida Attorney

Mr. Kray is apparently commended by the ABA Animal Law Committee ..we noticed that on the ABA Law Committee, at least 4-5 of them are AR people. Meaning, they like to push AR laws. The ABA House of Delegates recommends that there should be no breed discrimination in canine laws, and that the behavior (not … Continue reading

No Regulation Oversight of Humane Officers in California

NOTICE THE YEAR:  1994…. and it’s gotten worse…….. http://articles.latimes.com/1994-11-06/local/me-59448_1_state-humane-officer Lax Control Over State Humane Officers : Law enforcement: Animal control ‘deputies’ may wear uniforms, carry guns and make arrests, but their ranks are virtually unregulated… November 06, 1994|JOSH MEYER | TIMES STAFF WRITER When Capt. Barbara Fabricant ordered that Steven Hazzard give up his beloved … Continue reading

Calvary Group Can Help Animal Owners

We will say without hesitation– Missouri has mounted some of the best defenses to HSUS in the past, and generally, the state doesn’t like HSUS or ARs. ………..We Agree With Everything that Calvary and MoFed Says……. The Calvary Group is based in Missouri but states they can help any member (if you join), see below–this … Continue reading

Drawing Dog’s Blood Without a Warrant..

Oregon State v Newcomb Dog According to Oregon, even though the dog might be owned by owner, if Humane Society draws blood from owner’s dog because someone complained the dog was “too thin”, they didn’t need a warrant. but prior to this–the underlying Court said they did need a warrant: “The court concluded that the … Continue reading