Petco Not Liable for RAT BITE FEVER Death!? Not right now… Basically, a kid obtained a rat as a pet from Petco and he later apparently got an infection known as rat bite fever..and he died…..the parents sued Petco for $20million, and pre trial judge ruled that strict liability for a defective product could be used as theory of law. “The rat that killed Aidan … Continue reading it’s “OK” to De-bark..maybe?

So..barking dogs in Oregon cause alleged nuisance, then court says they have to de-bark the dogs due to the nuisance? ..[T]he second time, neighbors Debra and Dale Krein filed a nuisance suit against Szewc and her husband, Jon Updegraff, that claimed the couple had not taken the necessary steps to prevent dogs on their property … Continue reading

UH OH….No Dog License, No Recovery on Killed Dogs…under 42 USC 1983?

U.S. District Judge George Caram Steeh of Detroit dismissed the suit filed by Kevin Thomas and Nikita Smith against Detroit police officers, saying they couldn’t recover because their dogs did not have a city license, Reason reports. The Aug. 2 opinion is here. Steeh reasoned that, because the dogs were unlicensed, Thomas and Smith had no legitimate possessory … Continue reading

Big CA Case Likely won’t Focus on Seizure Law

We have our doubts on this case and now do not believe that the challenge will primarily focus on the code which allows for seizure (although we are fairly sure that if it did, it would be published, as in a published case…) but would focus on damages (losses) When property is seized under the … Continue reading

Another Lawsuit: Attorney Owner of “pitbull” Sued…

New York condo-pit-bull-complaint Here we go again (LOL like the song…) This lawsuit included the video of an attacking dog we presume, it says that’s what it has?? Of course, we would all think of this question: had the dog NOT been identified AS an actual “pitbull” but instead, they called it some other breed … Continue reading