NEW Pet Biz Focuses on Science not AR Propaganda

HABRI_Backgrounder_February_2015 Focusing on the science that pets can increase the health of people, this non profit based organization is a NON PROFIT set up by the pet industry. Probably like 8 years behind, but still better than not at all. The Pet businesses nationally–including APPA PIJAC and their newer commitment to making sure pets don’t … Continue reading

High Prices on AR Dog Food… What if..?

The question is not actually what food is good enough for what pet, but rather, does the price justify the product? Likely not. Dogs lived long lives way before AR-branded pet foods…..once AR-related groups push the AR inspired (meaning higher prices) pet foods, because only a “good” owner would buy the best for the “pet”- … Continue reading

Sea World Lawsuit-Judge Says No Standing A federal judge in San Diego has dismissed three combined lawsuits that contended SeaWorld visitors are wrongly lured to the parks as a result of false claims that its orca whales are  ‘well-treated.’ (emphasis added by PD) U.S. District Judge Cathy Ann Bencivengo dismissed the suit last week, report theLos Angeles Times, the Associated … Continue reading

Give Up Puppy Because it’s a Puppy…

We have to agree with the commenters (over 3,000 comments) that this article (see below) is stupid. Why? Because you do not take home a new puppy and get mad when it cries in the crate, wants to potty at 3 or 5am? You should not be owning a puppy if you have no time, … Continue reading