..Seaworld Caves in and Partners with HSUS!!!

After this stunning announcement, we would not be surprised to start seeing the closure of zoos, all petting farms, rodeos, or any other circus or animal act in the USA. Seriously. Once the door is open for HSUS to take hold, it will never stop.  Mark our words. BOTTOM LINE:  iT’S ALL ABOUT THE JACK. … Continue reading

Iditarod Dog Intentionally Killed

Our first thought: gambling move, or ARs trying to stop the Iditarod? Snowmobiler kills Iditarod sled dog, injures three; it was no accident Sporting News Sat, Mar 12 6:37 AM PST Comments Sign in to like Reblog on Tumblr Share Tweet Email … A man on a snowmobile attacked two Iditarod frontrunners on Saturday morning, … Continue reading

Petdefense Truth on “Selling Puppies”

Above showcase is ok for rescued animals, BUT NOT FOR A PET STORE according to AR activists…………………. Notice it even states “made a huge difference” for the SPCA. DUH Petdefense has researched the pet and animal cases across the USA, for at least ten years, has watched as HSUS ruined states with their bad laws, … Continue reading

Humane Society Missouri-Give Your Pups to Us

In other words, if you have puppies, don’t bother to give them away on Craigslist because the ARs want to take your puppies so they can: (1) take credit for saving them (2) alter them (3) brag that they “have” puppies to sell   (4) claim that there are puppies in THEIR shelter (5) go … Continue reading