Great:AZ Senate Says NO to Bias on Pet Stores

Well….finally we are glad to see SOME intelligence in determining how stupid the pet ban laws have been…………… At least this far, Arizona is WAY AHEAD of the pack in logical thinking!!! PHOENIX – Saying they’re protecting legitimate businesses, state legislators voted Thursday to block cities from banning pet stores from selling animals they get … Continue reading

Puppy “Rescue”= Consumer Con Game

Baloney by HSUS:  “In fact, any type of animal available for sale at your local pet store or at a breeder is probably waiting for adoption in a nearby shelter or rescue”….(notice the failure to mention that HSUS shuts down stores/breeders/sales/businesses) SO….What is the big deal now with “rescue puppies” and no pet stores, no … Continue reading

Dog Bite Prevention….Rules Don’t Change

Note: We are not saying that we agree with the information below 100%, however, for those who have kids, we would always stay away from rescued/free animals, shelter animals, especially if you are a NOVICE dog owner, have never researched anything about dogs, and know little and nothing about dogs, or if you believe getting … Continue reading

So Cal City Repeals Ban on Pet Stores!!

FINALLY………A CITY THAT BANNED PET STORES REPEALED THE BAN–IN CALIFORNIA, TO BOOT……….CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA!!  THIS IS EXCELLENT NEWS FOR ALL OWNERS! And to be specific, that law in the city of San Diego from 2013,  which bans pet stores from selling any animal that was NOT from a non profit source, is, was and will always … Continue reading