Are Animals People for Legal Reasons? Nope.

Judge Amends Order After Activists Celebrate……………… Animal activists were in a celebratory mood on Tuesday after a Manhattan judge ordered Stony Brook University to justify its detention of two chimpanzees and labeled her action a “writ of habeas corpus.” But Judge Barbara Jaffe’s “habeas” label was a mistake, according to a court spokesperson, and she … Continue reading

When Running-at-Large = “Potentially Dangerous” in Northern California

Note that simply running at large, if done 3 times within one year, spells out “potentially dangerous animals” according to the Paradise regulation below: 6.13.040 Potentially dangerous animals. A. Any animal, except a dog assisting a peace officer engaged in law enforcement duties, is a potentially dangerous animal if, on three separate occasions within … Continue reading

HSUS Now Pushing Walmart to be AR With Suppliers

FOR ALL OF YOU “LIVESTOCK” AND “ANIMAL” OWNERS OUT THERE…  IT IS TIME TO TAKE A STAND!!!   Walmart is listening to HSUS…   Does anybody care???   IF you do CARE…  then take the time to contact Walmart Execs and let them know that HSUS has paid Feld Entertainment $15.75 million to avoid going to trial … Continue reading

Focused on Killing, Not Actual Saving

More garbage “info” from the national AR law site……… First–no one even knows how many shelters/rescues there are in the USA. there is no national database. HSUS claims it did a study.  Yeah, like we would believe anything HSUS commissioned? Thus, it is not possible to know how many animals actually “enter” or “re-enter” shelters; … Continue reading