Another Attorney Notices AR Behavior in Public?!

Another attorney, a family law guy in CA,  who is not in the least combative from what we can see, agrees that ARs go way over the top. And he probably has never even heard of the word “AR” (animal rights zealot) but he surely recognized one when he saw it?  all emphasis added by … Continue reading

Eaglet and Eagle Cam, Live No animal abuse here, no naming of baby eaglets (they are only numbered, they are not pets), no rescued stories, no seizure, no sensationalism, just live footage of the eaglets and then later, they are monitored to see how far they go, etc. and yes, animals are killed to feed the babies…fish, mice,snakes,squirrels,whatever….and yes, … Continue reading

The Shell Game Continues re Kennels

Let us pretend there were/are no kennels, and no commercial kennels. Then WHO would the AR faction be picking on? What LAWS will they pass against whom?!?  For HSUS, they would outlaw ownership/sales/breeding of any NON indigenous species/animal. That is attempted nearly every year by HSUS in Congress. For canines, the answer is anyone, any … Continue reading

The Truth About ARs and Their Products

We laughed when reading this….someone else figured out what we have long known….the AR labeling and selling of their own products–is just a greed-profit based sales ploy to take advantage of pet owners who think animals are kids…..let’s not forget, there is little or no evidence we are aware of, which proves that animals fed … Continue reading

Can YOU Be Bought Off by AR $$$? Most People Can…

The truth is that for most people–money talks and everything else doesn’t really matter.  So if HSUS, ASPCA or any governmental people or any private non profit, were to offer YOU like $100k, $1million, any big numbers, huge cash, or huge lucrative advertising, to promote THEIR AR agenda, whether veiled, not veiled, whether hidden or … Continue reading