Police Can Kill Dogs When Searching House?

POSTED IN: CONSTITUTIONAL LAW In April of 2013, police in Battle Creek, Michigan, executed a search warrant at the home where Cheryl and Mark Brown lived.  They detained Mark, who was not a suspect, outside the home and broke into the house through the front door.  Police were then aware that Vincent Jones, the resident … Continue reading

AC Can Take Your Pets in CA-No Conviction required!

Here is yet another example from the Penal Code on Animal Seizure: (j) No animal properly seized under this section or pursuant to a search warrant shall be returned to its owner until the owner can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the seizing agency or hearing officer that the owner can and will provide the necessary … Continue reading

The AETA, Yes It’s Still There!

The AETA (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act) Activists filed Federal lawsuit claiming they want to protest but they are afraid they might be prosecuted……… “The five plaintiffs, all animal rights activists, filed the lawsuit to receive guidance on their plans for future protest activity. The plaintiffs want to lawfully protest animal abuse, but fear being criminally … Continue reading

Why PC 597.1 Seizure Should be Changed

Seizure of property is something that many people do not understand, since it is often based off of Federal Forfeiture law…….much of it involving proceeds from seized drugs or property allegedly obtained from illegally gained monies.  https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/981# …an asset forfeiture proceeding is a lawsuit by the government against the property, not against its owners.1 What … Continue reading