Pet Rescues are Broke +HSUS are Millionaires

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We  have news for animal rescuers and shelters and those who want to save homeless pets. HSUS isn’t about saving THEM. HSUS tells shelters to kill animals 72 hr. after they come into the shelter.


You heard me right. The “shelter” dogs/cats etc, are really a big ploy, a ruse…..  HSUS sacrifices those animals so HSUS can make it look like they REALLY, REALLY CARE ABOUT PETS… but they don’t do much in the saving of pets, actually HSUS wants  NO animals owned. However, HSUS brags that they save dogs via their dog raids (pitbulls and mills) and in disasters. All of which are HUGE media marketing, promotional exhibitions for  HSUS TV, news videos,websites.

SO—-groups like HSUS purposely PREY on the EMOTIONS OF THOSE who actually feel sorry for shelter animals and those without homes. They get the emotional people to DONATE TO HSUS, making them believe (misleading them actually) that HSUS really tries to save dogs and cats.

NO, NO, NO–what HSUS does– is to tell everyone NOT to BUY a dog.  NOT TO BUY A DOG. HSUS joins with Best Friends and says “Don’t Buy a Puppy!”    Yet very few purchased dogs of any value (and I mean $600-$5,000) are ever put into shelters.  And since PETSTORE dogs are only about 2% of all OWNED dogs, they comprise almost 0% of shelter dogs.

SO WHY DOES HSUS FOCUS  ON PETSTORES?  For one thing, they are an easier TARGET…




Instead of helping educate poor people, or those less fortunate, HSUS instead simply says MANDATED ALTERING FOR ALL PETS. And that’s supposed to be what?  Compassion?  No, that’s what a Communist country does to its people.

HSUS is wrecking shelter (documented) progress by forcing MSN on cities that are doing ok without it–and bankrupting the cities that are buying into the forced MSN idea.  Further, HSUS’ laws are causing economic damage and misleading  the public as to pet businesses,  pet owners, and even shelters and rescue groups,  not to mention the ENTIRE PET TRADE OVERALL.


Has the economy gotten so bad that HSUS “can’t afford” or is restrained by monetary constraints?  Not hardly.  YET WHEN THE GROUP BAD RAP ASKED HSUS IF THEY WOULD HELP OUT WITH RESCUING SOME DOGS IN OAKLAHOMA—HSUS SAID NO. NO. NO. NO it’s the economy.

Let’s look at a very small sample….

Let’s be serious. If you had millions and you (HSUS) REALLY wanted to help save animals, would you start taking donations of millions of $$ and then somehow your balance sheet is wrong and millions are not accounted for?  Katrina pets?  Complaints?? 

HSUS had over $8,000,000 to spend on ONE political campaign in California re restraints on egg laying chickens.  $8,000,000.

HSUS has bragged (yes, bragged) that they are the biggest, largest, best animal protection group in the USA, or in the world….. Let’s talk about what protection means?

To HSUS,  protection means protection of ANIMALS FROM PEOPLE owning them, or using animal products, or farming.   It does NOT mean helping save homeless pets, homeless dogs or cats.  It does not mean no kill, even if HSUS says it does.  When HSUS does media talk, it always has an ulterior motive in their favor.  That’s the only reason they do it.

HSUS’ so called help is stuff like prohibiting exotic pets, banning cockfighting,horse slaughter,internet hunting, greyhound racing,confinement of chickens.—–>  None of these things helps shelters, rescues, pet owners, pets, or anything related to pets. <———

HSUS is not the PET OWNER’S FRIEND.  Not even the PET’s friend.  It is documented that HSUS, when asked for advice in a Las Vegas shelter, in 2007, where 1,000  animals allegedly  were  killed, HSUS said to kill all animals 72hr after they came INTO the shelter. That was the advice of the “saving” animals group HSUS.  Kill ’em faster.  Give’em 72hours and kill, kill, kill.

It is Wayne P’s personal view that animals should be left alone, meaning not owned by humans, not used by humans, not pets for humans. WP has said, on more than several occasions, animals should just be left alone. Now that doesn’t exactly sound like the voice of someone who loves pets. WP has no pets. His girlfriend has a cat or 2, but not him.

Check this out, below,  from earlier in  August 2008………..I had also read the story last year, but all I could find of it right now, was this, when someone commented on WP and his obvious non-interaction with animals. WP has admitted he might pet an animal, but he does not feel anything between himself and the animal.  I read that when they interviewed WP re the horses at Black Beauty.


Here is the story on Wayne and his current “love for animals” from the LA times.. not ten years ago but last month.

“For years, Pacelle did not even have a pet. But when Gutleben moved in with him, she brought along her cat, Libby.

“He’s interesting with animals,” said Gutleben, 30. “He doesn’t want to bother them or invade their space. He’s like ‘Hello, Libby.’ ” She imitated a formal, masculine voice, then laughed. “I just want to swoop her up and bury my head in her fur. He just lets her be. So, of course, she just crawls on the counters and he lets her crawl up and sit on his chest. If he needs to work, he’ll ask me to remove her.”

read this carefully..” He asks his live in to “REMOVE HER”..when her cat sits on Wayne.. now there is a guy who LOVES animals.. I won’t even comment on his personal relationship.. that would take a couch and at least a couple of years.”


4 thoughts on “Pet Rescues are Broke +HSUS are Millionaires

  1. In case you didn’t know, The H$u$ took in over 100 million dollars in donations in 2006 ( last available 990 tax return) For those counting, that’s about 2 million dollars a week. With end of the year assets of over 225 million dollars.

    85 million of those 100 million dollars raised, went to salaries and administrative costs.

    They have 5 directors being paid over 200 thousand dollars a year each.

    5 directors being paid over 100 thousand dollars a year each.

    5 key employees making between $140,000. and $220,000. each.

    An additional 114 employees making over 50 thousand dollars a year each.

    Not to mention paying professional fundraisers over 2 million dollars for their services. And judging by the numbers, those fundraisers are worth every penny.

    Source of information (guidestar (dot)org)

  2. Thank you, yes we knew. However because of the conglomerating of the other groups, and because it’s nearly impossible to sort out their ACTUAL finances due to the international and restructuring constantly going on,and due to them calling certain items “media” and “communications” under the public view docs, we can see that if audited, they would have to account for a lot of things. And that wouldn’t be difficult due to the expanse of other AR non profits involved. If HSUS is allowed to get away with NOT accounting for the missing millions re Katrina pets, and the former governor isn’t about to squeal on them since HSUS heavily donated to him, then it’s a very large corporation’s duty to pursue Katrina fraud, since the AG didn’t complete the investigation if he dropped it. Non profit corruption by deception of the masses is inherently wrong, and HSUS knows it. The mills of the Gods grind slowly, but it is impossible to escape karma. So when it comes about I wouldn’t want to be Whiney when they rat him out.

  3. I learned soooo much about animal sheltering in the book Redemption and Irreconcilable Differences — Nathan Winograd. It was mind blowing! I learned so much about the No Kill Equation!

    I know the HSUS and the ASPCA and PETA have done so much for other areas where animals are concerned and for that I am thankful for but now only donate to progressive shelters who are embracing the No Kill Equation.

    What is going on with the way the above organizations look at animals in shelters?? The HSUS has enough weight to require ALL shelters here in the U.S. to provide all animals a comfortable stay while at any shelter, to demand increased adoptions, to provide widespread free or VERY LOW cost spay/neuter surgeries, to provide a free Trap, Neuter,Return program for community feral and stray cats since many, if not most, kittens come from feral kitties. I could go on and on about this but it won’t do me any good. So I will just continue to keep on doing my part in giving a voice to the No Kill movement by continuing to be proactive. Redemption and Irreconcilable Differences needs to be read by every shelter Director/CEO and animal lover. For reading online, No Kill Blog is a good one for anyone who may not be familiar with that blog.

  4. Besides to only donating to progressive shelters who embrace the No Kill Equation I also only donate to progressive organizations who embrace it as well and who do not lie about it. Which means PETA, A$PCA and H$U$ are off my donation list. It’s to bad they refuse to be on board with this valuable No Kill Equation that helps shelter animals in the most progressive way.

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