AR Rescue Rackets+Seizures  Re Seizure, AC, What THEY Really Do and more…….. (from same site)


For CA seizure cases we can be contacted 24/7  and will respond ASAP. We do have to sleep every now and then. *wink*

We are currently working with attorney on the national case involving the banks (WF and B of A) which used illegal methods to try and take owner’s land, personal property (animals) and real property in Lassen County.  The methods used basically come down to illegal seizure,  manufactured fraud, by purposely and knowingly misusing the legal system, lying to the courts and filing documents which were never served, and which were claimed to be filed but don’t show up.

The methods used for manufactured fraud by this attorney are quite bad, and indicates a huge amount of premeditation. None of it could be accidental or even negligent. Such conduct to us, is grounds for disbarment from the practice of law. The dishonesty and moral turpitude is impossible to ignore.

The Third District Court of Appeals in Sacramento will be accepting designation of the record soon, (12/13/12) and then briefing will be set out.  We are confident that the APPEAL will be successful.   However the APPEAL is just the start of the work, after the appeal is won, there will be other lawsuits filed.

The new cases filed  could well be  landmark  both against the banks, foreclosure tactics, and illegal seizure of animals and private personal property.






PLUS– it was bank attorney AND the rescue that personally campaigned to have owner arrested and charged with “abuse.” Tons of evidence proving that. It was Mr. attorney Ryan that even drafted the “prosecution” data FOR the District Attorney. Sounds like something HSUS would do.

Since when do bank attorneys get personally involved in defamation and arresting an owner?  Well, we guess this attorney, Timothy M. Ryan of Anaheim, will go down in history for having done just that. Mark our words, we intend to do everything possible to ensure he cannot continue to practice law.  If you know anything about the tenacity that is attributed to the generic pitbull canine, then you have an idea of the sheer perseverance that the bank attorney will be up against.  He is no match for what we can do, and he will find that out in good time. We will not sit idle while bank attorneys steamroll citizens and then use illegal methods to cover it up.

That one fact alone, that no one even recognizes an illegal seizure, is sad. It DID involve a rescue, and the rescue ends up suing the banks/attorney for banks as well, because rescue blames banks for not being able to “own” and sell the horses the rescue got PAID to take. The rescue’s well known story of the case is not legally explained correctly by the rescue. Yes, the rescue is The Grace Foundation of Northern CA which is associated with HSUS large animal seizures.

It doesn’t take rocket science to determine an illegal seizure.  You don’t even need law school to figure it out. But it helps. In the case just mentioned, the rescue claimed  that it was because of owner filing bankruptcy which created the problem………. NOPE– the bankruptcy had nothing to do with the illegal seizure itself. It was illegal from the start and that never changed.

2 thoughts on “AR Rescue Rackets+Seizures

  1. It’s becoming a very sad world where property rights can be usurped by a ‘rescue’ worker/owner, who uses the people who are supposed to ‘assist’ us – against us… whatever happened to ‘property rights’ – innocent until proven guilty… Our world is ‘sideways’ and nobody seems to care. All the ‘donations’ we send to care for the animals/children/etc. go to the wrong place… the folks who run the programs make more than the President… If people really knew, they’d be SOOOOO pissed!!!! I shall never donate another dime to these idiots….

  2. There are too many ‘seizures’ going on every week . I can’t believe that every person who has more than one animal is an ‘abuser’..especially when you see the photos posted on the news and ‘one’ animal out of stated 20 has a laceration.. Which prob happened during the ‘capture’ of said animal…
    And to watch the systematic picketing of every pet store…
    Where do folks think they will find pets in the future? It’s illegal to breed, illegal to sell, or immoral… When the shelters and rescues run out of ‘pets’ – we will live in a world where you will go to the zoo to see a dog?

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