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Join the Crusade against HSUS+Pass It Forward!

Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Pass It forward–> Orig. posted April 2009—Only things are even worse now!!  could be changing!!   2013 may be year of some change………why? 1. HSUS has been outted by many other sources, re IRS issues, over-lobbying, bad seizures, working against all commercial and breeder selling, regardless 2. APHIS Federal challenge has … Continue reading


Join the Crusade Against Humane Society United States+Pass Forward—–>  Originally posted in January 2008 THIS IS WHY ANIMAL OWNERS GET SCREWED OVER BY THE  ANIMAL RIGHTS WINGNUTS. BECAUSE OWNERS HAVE BOUGHT INTO THE PROPAGANDA THAT IS CONSISTENTLY, PERSISTENTLY AND EMOTIONALLY SPEWED BY ANIMAL RIGHTS. We knew it would happen, either complete elimination of all dog … Continue reading

Flyers+Brochures+More for Crusade Against HSUS Advocates!

Join the Crusade Against HSUS and Pass It Forward!—-> Originally pub. here, 2009…..All is still pertinent except laws have gone from bad to WORSE!  WOW, you might roll your eyes, BUT–the link below,  is the site for advocates to get media material which is already drafted for use,  especially if you want to tell others about HSUS…….. I … Continue reading