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Dog “Abuse” Seizure Case, 2 yr, CA Haven Humane=2 Infractions

Haven Humane,  which is located in Redding CA, asserted extreme animal abuse, misdemeanors, claimed water bowl “dirty”, dogs had eye “issues”, and “kennel cough”, and were not “social” enough? Search warrant was issued, we even knew which Judge signed it…… Multiple misdemeanor counts were lodged.  If found guilty on charges, owner cannot own animals for … Continue reading

Seizure-Forfeiture Law– Animals

If you want to gain knowledge on forfeiture-seizure law, this is a good post for you.  If you are a hater of pitbull type dogs, then this is not the article for you. For others who have a concept of what H$U$ does in relation to swat raids, snitch $$ to get dogs killed, raids … Continue reading


I don’t watch that much TV and I never saw this 20/20 show before….but here it is, in case you didn’t see it either………this is the type of seizure that $HSUS$ loves to be involved in, only they like to use helicopters as well, and they don’t just SEIZE the dogs, they KILL them if … Continue reading