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“Crimes against Nature” at State Fair, claim AR Groups

State Fair Crimes Alleged   Of course there are no crimes–but that’s what the Ad says……….. and make sure to see the test right below, to see if you can I.D. which is an AR crime? According to these groups: Oakland/East Bay SPCA, SPCA of Monterey County, Peninsula Humane Society, Marin Humane Society, Ohlone Humane Society, … Continue reading

Endangered Animals: YOUR Pets+Puppies

Join the crusade Against HSUS Anti-Pet Laws+Pass It Forward!—> Can you tell lies, deception, and misleading propaganda by Animal Rights  extremists like HSUS+Peta,   from the truth?  Most people cannot. The public cannot. Shelters cannot. Many rescuers cannot. We have ordered shirts and truck/auto decals re HSUS but they are not finished.  We apologize for how … Continue reading

AR media Blogs help create Bad Anti-pet laws

As an example, go to just about any major newspaper online, and you can usually find an animal blog…run by PETA and friends………Here are just several entries, all of the entries are media driven with EMOTIONAL PLOYS……….. each one of the insertions on such “animal blogs” in national newspapers, are purposely selected by extremists……Nearly every single … Continue reading

Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Pass it Forward…

Join the Crusade against HSUS Anti-Pet Laws+Pass It Forward!—->  One of the fastest methods of marketing used to quickly gain other participants, which can be exponential in breadth and scope –is by using levels of people.  Just pick out say 10-50 as an initial goal, and all you do is forward this article. Or just forward the … Continue reading