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Absurd Animal Rights-HSUS, “Felonies”+ Now “Selling”?

 Join the crusade Against HSUS+Pass It Forward!—-> Orig. published 2009…. The animal rights faction pushed or “helped”  by HSUS is now saying back East (.. think it’s ILLinois)–that ear cropping on a dog is prima facie evidence of animal abuse, a FELONY?  In other words you can’t defend against the charge because evidence of having   cropped ears … Continue reading

MSN or HSUS based Ordinances Come to Your Town?

Join the Crusade Against Humane Society United States!+Pass Forward—–> I have said many things concerning HSUS and animal extremists, and have communicated with Mr. Yates, an experienced newspaper reporter, for some time; his advice is sound, and he knows the facts. yates-handbook-vs-ars  You are encouraged to pass this to every single person you know, even if … Continue reading

Proof: HSUS Gives Free Book to Govt,Says BAN Reptiles

Join the Crusade Against Humane Society United States+Pass It Forward!—–> The HSUS published this book {below} in 2001 – a persuasive political ploy disguised as a ‘scientific report’.  It was freely distributed to all U.S. governmental regulatory bodies to sway them to help their cause.  This is how donation money sent to the HSUS is … Continue reading