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HSUS Animal Rights: Caught Red Handed

NATHAN WINS THE AWARD AGAIN FOR SHOWING THE HSUS DECEPTION………..THANK YOU NATHAN!! WE OWE YOU!   This in from Nathan Winograd, that HSUS was caught red handed, sneakily pushing BSL in Indianapolis ?  Read all about it:   http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=1023 “HSUS staff has been involved in Indianapolis working on an ordinance labeling all “Pit Bull-type dogs” as “potentially … Continue reading

MSN or HSUS based Ordinances Come to Your Town?

Join the Crusade Against Humane Society United States!+Pass Forward—–> I have said many things concerning HSUS and animal extremists, and have communicated with Mr. Yates, an experienced newspaper reporter, for some time; his advice is sound, and he knows the facts. yates-handbook-vs-ars  You are encouraged to pass this to every single person you know, even if … Continue reading


Here is excerpt from Canada’s BSL appeal……Judge reciting….  In my view, the reasons of the application judge demonstrate an entirely appropriate and defensible analysis and weighing of these competing factors. At para. 86 of her reasons, she states: “When one considers the interests at stake, that is, the objective of public safety as against the … Continue reading