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Dog “Abuse” Seizure Case, 2 yr, CA Haven Humane=2 Infractions

Haven Humane,  which is located in Redding CA, asserted extreme animal abuse, misdemeanors, claimed water bowl “dirty”, dogs had eye “issues”, and “kennel cough”, and were not “social” enough? Search warrant was issued, we even knew which Judge signed it…… Multiple misdemeanor counts were lodged.  If found guilty on charges, owner cannot own animals for … Continue reading

Breeders, Owners, Seizures+PC 597.1,PC 597.1(h)(k)

“RATHER FAIL WITH HONOR, THAN SUCCEED BY FRAUD” ~ Sophocles Warning to all Breeders, Owners and Show Dog People and even Rescues: PASS IT FORWARD TO ALL BREEDERS AND OWNERS, etc. Due to the new APHIS (AWA USDA APHIS) which formerly only affected commercial breeders, the new rule(s) now appear to change the legal landscape … Continue reading