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When Rescuers Go Too Far To Save, or Kill

Much has been said about dog-human fatalities, but much of it is centered on the breeds or breed of dog that people like to pick out as “dangerous.”  A lot of the public think that herding dogs or flock guardian types are all “dangerous.” What most people do not realize is, many dogs can be made … Continue reading

What are Signs of Animal Rights Extremists?

Join the Crusade Against HSUS Whitewash+Pass It Forward—> Here is a list of items that indicate animal rights (AR) extremists: Philosophy of Animals–Animals are People The ARs believe that animals are equal to (or higher) than humans.  That animals should have the same rights as humans have.  Therefore, having animals as PETS, according to ARs, … Continue reading

Craigslist post–Animal Extremists law too WEAK

The real truth about dogs, and Hidden Agenda of Animal Extremists Reply to: see below Date: 1969-12-31, 5:33PM MST This is for all AR people, and their inability to properly reason. Members of militant animal rights group indicted for national terror campaign Federal agents in four states arrested seven members of a militant animal rights … Continue reading