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BICHON DOGS BOUGHT at PUPPY MILL auctions BRING IN $500,000+/year

IN direct contradiction to the animal extremist propaganda to the public to “NOT BUY” dogs, and keeping in mind the  “adopt” “adopt” “adopt” contention— there is the so-called Bichon “rescue” (that is not the actual name, but the dogs ARE ALL bichons)–which only  “adopts” out Bichon dogs.  And where do the Bichon dogs come from?  Puppy mills. The Bichon people … Continue reading

Animal Extremists running Craigslist PETS section..

HERE (below)  IS WHAT WE HAD TO POST ON CRAIGSLIST….ISN’T THAT SAD?  Go figure. I have already known WHY for years, but it’s getting worse, and now veering totally out of control, as evidenced below.  Stupidity knows no limits as you can see by the gang flagging posts below. Did you know that Hitler’s regime and the Satanic … Continue reading