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PETA Goes Overboard to Terrorize Kid Raffling off Cow

http://beefmagazine.com/blog/peta-terrorizes-teen-boy-louisiana Where’s the Beef?  PETA again goes wack0-overboard to squelch kid’s trip/raffle… PETA Terrorizes Teen Boy In Louisiana Mar. 27, 2013by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily COMMENTS 51 PETA promises lettuce-clad ladies and a cow sanctuary to a 14-year-old boy in Louisiana. RELATED MEDIA Connecting The Dots | Beef’s Story From Gate To Plate Readers Share Their Favorite State … Continue reading

PeTa claims killing 97% is OK because “not Cruelty”

 2005: PETA has euthanized animals for years. In 2004, the activist group euthanized 2,278 animals, sterilized 7,641 and found homes for 361……but that was “then”…..the numbers adopted out in the most recent report, have dropped even further………to finding homes for only 12 (twelve) animals, thus bringing PeTa’s kill rate to a whopping 97% killed. PETA killed 1,942 … Continue reading