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Flyers+Brochures+More for Crusade Against HSUS Advocates!

Join the Crusade Against HSUS and Pass It Forward!—-> Originally pub. here, 2009…..All is still pertinent except laws have gone from bad to WORSE!  WOW, you might roll your eyes, BUT–the link below,  is the site for advocates to get media material which is already drafted for use,  especially if you want to tell others about HSUS…….. I … Continue reading

Why Pet Rescues are Broke +HSUS are Millionaires

Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Pass It Forward—> I have news for animal rescuers and shelters and those who want to save homeless pets. HSUS isn’t about saving THEM. HSUS tells shelters to kill animals 72 hr. after they come into the shelter. HSUS THINKS ALL OF US ARE STUPID. THAT WE BELIEVE WHATEVER HSUS TELLS US. You … Continue reading

How Animal Rights Spend $……… for 3rd World Dogs

Someone  forwarded to us……… Our recent experience in trying to save two paralyzed dogs in Turkey was unsuccessful due to the selfish and radical nationalist behavior of two of Turkey’s oldest animal groups. They urged the local municipal authorities to not send the dogs out of country for proper medical care for fear that Turkey … Continue reading

Give PETA stars a Run for the $$ Two for the Show

 Join the Crusade Against HSUS+PETA+Pass it Forward!—–> It seems there are people out there trying to stop people from looking at the former 007 Pierce Brosnan’s wife who has probably gained 140 pounds?  Well why are the pics disappearing from this site then? You can’t even see them on this site. BUT…….. if you’re gonna … Continue reading