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ARs “Adopt” out Biting+Dangerous–But WHY??

ARs “Adopt” out Biting+Dangerous–But WHY??

Originally posted in 2009, every bit still true today………..even the HSUS marginal dogs article (which HSUS has removed when they revamped their site due to allegations of too much lobbying–they had 4000 pages and turned it into a kindergarten site theme now, to appear to be doing “less” lobbying…) Note that  some of this is … Continue reading

When Rescuers Go Too Far To Save, or Kill

Much has been said about dog-human fatalities, but much of it is centered on the breeds or breed of dog that people like to pick out as “dangerous.”  A lot of the public think that herding dogs or flock guardian types are all “dangerous.” What most people do not realize is, many dogs can be made … Continue reading

HSUS tries “Damage Control”after Killing Puppies

Join the crusade Against HSUS+Anti-Pet Laws+Pass It Forward!—->  HSUS has now issued an “interim” release, claiming it could recommend that seized dogs be temperament tested (but not that it would MAKE that decision), it seems after many people wrote in to HSUS asking why HSUS recommended killing all the seized dogs, despite others willing to pay for … Continue reading