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Big Case Coming to Northern California

We have information that a significant federal case will be moving forward that will help advance the rights of those who wish to breed or sell pets… oftentimes in the past, we have seen cases where errant seizures result in a loss for owners. HUGE losses.  The case does involve a seizure, and of the … Continue reading

Oppose Law in CA re “Rescue/Shelter” Only to be Sold…

April 6, 2017  THIS IS FROM naia………….. ACT NOW to stop the outsourcing of dogs in California! Congratulations California Lawmakers! {PD note……….WTH HELL no!!} With AB 485, you would outsource the supply of dogs available to California consumers to the least regulated and poorest selection of dogs available to future pet owners. Rather than pet stores … Continue reading

Own Animals? What to Do+NOT Do…

What You Should Have/not have… Several signs that indicate Surveillance Cameras. For front and Back. Sides of House if necessary, since the Open Fields Doctrine means anyone, especially AC, Humane officers (aka HOs) –are known to go to neighbors and into open fields next to your property, to spy on you. At least one sign … Continue reading