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Best Friends is Not What You Think Just about everything stated on this article above, we would agree with, with one exception;  being that “Best Friends” is a great “If you want to adopt, find a reputable one like Best Friends Society…” …………..big joke…………..apparently this person doesn’t realize that Best Friends already has  (in 2008 mind you…) spent $140,000 of DONATED … Continue reading

Horse Sues Owner, by ALDF

Judge throws out lawsuit filed by horse against former owner  MARK OSBORNE,Good Morning America 18 hours ago Judge throws out lawsuit filed by horse against former owner (ABC News) Judge throws out lawsuit filed by horse against former owner originally appeared on A horse is a horse, of course, of course — even when that horse is … Continue reading

Assistance Animal Case Settles for $6k Last month the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) approved a settlement agreement concluding an assistance animal Fair Housing Act (FHA) discrimination case from Nevada. An applicant submitted a reasonable accommodation request (that was appropriately medically verified, according to HUD) to keep an assistance animal due to her disability. As reported in the … Continue reading

The Bullshit of CA PC 597(b)

  PC597  (b)  California (“animal abuse”) (a) Except as provided in subdivision (c) of this section or Section 599c, every person who maliciously and intentionally maims, mutilates, tortures, or wounds a living animal, or maliciously and intentionally kills an animal, is guilty of a crime punishable pursuant to subdivision (d). (b) Except as otherwise provided in subdivision (a) … Continue reading

PETA LOSES IN COURT AGAIN,MONKEY DOESN’T HAVE RIGHTS TO OWN COPYRIGHT… In 2015 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (“PETA”) and Dr. Antje Engelhardt filed a complaint for copyright infringement against Slater, Wildlife, and Blurb, as Next Friends on behalf of Naruto. (Naruto is the monkey)… The complaint alleges that Dr. Engelhardt has studied the crested macaques in Sulawesi, Indonesia for over a … Continue reading