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AR Terrorists Get Their Deserved Punishment

Animal / Dog Law Opinions United States v. Lang Court: US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit Dockets: 16-1694, 16‐1459 Opinion Date: November 8, 2017 Judge: WILLIAMS Areas of Law: Animal / Dog Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law Johnson and Lang traveled from California to an Illinois mink farm where they released approximately 2000 … Continue reading

Not Enough “Shelter” Dogs to Give People What they WANT…

2017 PIJAC et al Study Not Enough Shelter Dogs10012017_00000 Basically what was learned is not to believe the constant dribble from non profits like HSUS and ASPCA and the lot….their estimates are always overstated or understated and never based on facts or actual data. Instead they are always claimed estimates. And they are always in … Continue reading

Petco Not Liable for RAT BITE FEVER Death!? Not right now… Basically, a kid obtained a rat as a pet from Petco and he later apparently got an infection known as rat bite fever..and he died…..the parents sued Petco for $20million, and pre trial judge ruled that strict liability for a defective product could be used as theory of law. “The rat that killed Aidan … Continue reading it’s “OK” to De-bark..maybe?

So..barking dogs in Oregon cause alleged nuisance, then court says they have to de-bark the dogs due to the nuisance? ..[T]he second time, neighbors Debra and Dale Krein filed a nuisance suit against Szewc and her husband, Jon Updegraff, that claimed the couple had not taken the necessary steps to prevent dogs on their property … Continue reading