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When ARs Steal,Burn Down, Invade Your Farm, Business?  May 14, 2019 Consumer Freedom filed a complaint  in May, with the IRS and FBI regarding PETA and two California-based groups called Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) and Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. These are radical groups lobbying to dictate lifestyle decisions on Californians–and we believe these organizations have abused the nonprofit tax code. Consider: … Continue reading

We are Looking for Client Who was Bamboozled by PC597.1 using Ploy of Warrant and no Post seizure Hearing Given….Everything was Taken

The reason for this is because under the code as mentioned above, AC can seize everything and NEVER (repeat… N-E-V-E-R)  ever, give you a hearing, according to their belief as to the code. However, having first hand knowledge of how that code is interpreted, we already know it is not legal as applied.…..especially when … Continue reading

Hurricane Katrina: HSUS still Not Telling Truth

In case you didn’t know: HSUS brought in many millions (MILLIONS) during Katrina but when investigated, could only account for perhaps $7million of the approximate 35 or 36 MILLION they took IN????? We have never forgotten that. and the only thing they did, when caught, was to have a shelter built as far as we … Continue reading

ALDF Claims Iowa Shelter Selling Animals illegally to CA Pet Stores

Iowa animal rescue is part of a ‘puppy laundering scheme,’ lawsuit claims Donnelle Eller, Des Moines RegisterPublished 11:25 a.m. CT March 6, 2019 | Updated 4:30 p.m. CT March 6, 2019 A California animal welfare group has sued an Iowa animal shelter, claiming it’s really a puppy mill masquerading as a rescue group so it can gain access … Continue reading

How and Why You’re Guilty!

..Going to try and summarize it for y’all out there…remember, this is what the seizure people actually do to those who are usually innocent. Brigade of animal seizure people instructions to their lame brain cohorts: Did owner (rescue, rescuer,keeper, guardian, whoever) have more than 3 of anything (kids, dog, cat, baby, bird, etc)?  If yes, … Continue reading

Ignoring Animal Control in CA Can Have Dire Results

It really doesn’t matter if you are a “rescue”, “breeder” or otherwise; typically if you own more than ten animals, and animal control keeps badgering you in California, you better get ready to either disperse with them, have a great vet that will show you took care of them, or have a hoard of witnesses … Continue reading