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Extremist Indoctrination at the Hilton–PASS IT FORWARD

Join  Crusade Against HSUS+Pass It Forward—-> Orig. posted Jan 2008, even more relevant NOW! Everyone please share this with your family, your neighbors, your associates and everyone else you come in contact with each day.  Forward, copy, post, send and tell everyone…………..  [PetDefense note: We purposely did not include the gentleman’s name here (who went to the … Continue reading

Researchers AB2296 v AR Extremists Signed into Law

AB2296 in CA was signed by the governor, it is a watered down version of the original, which was not done with the same exact terms, however I suppose it is better than nothing. The new law makes it a misdemeanor to publish information about an academic researcher and his or her family, with the intent … Continue reading