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When Rescuers Go Too Far To Save, or Kill

Much has been said about dog-human fatalities, but much of it is centered on the breeds or breed of dog that people like to pick out as “dangerous.”  A lot of the public think that herding dogs or flock guardian types are all “dangerous.” What most people do not realize is, many dogs can be made … Continue reading


Doggiedefenders.com [see Shelter dogs navi tab on that site]   which has a lot of information, shows us this study which is not often talked about, but should be part/parcel of every pet advocate’s knowledge.  This information clearly shows that animals surrendered are approx. 50% re-homed or stray/abandoned.    A stray dog was previously owned in some form, or was … Continue reading


The National Canine Research council (Karen Delise, of Fatal Attacks) has put out a News Release to expose the Political MISREPRESENTATIONS cited by political “would-be dog experts” and to show how these MISREPRESENTATIONS continue to proliferate–without correction???? Cherie of RDOWS used to correct many of the nonsensical statements put forward by idiots, (esp. Nelson’s rantings) so I thought I … Continue reading