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LA Failed MSN+Outlawing Pet Sales = No $$, More Killing

This was originally posted from 2008 When Los angeles Claimed  “Mandated  Spay and Neuter” Altering (MSN)  Would Save Them— The animals. It didn’t of course,  so instead of fixing it, They moved to outlaw sales of pets! PEOPLE–THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OUTLAWING ALCOHOL (PROHIBITION) AND OUTLAWING ANIMAL SALES……… It will Not Happen, it will just … Continue reading

2012: Craigslist ARs Make Sure Pets Can’t Get Homes

Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Anti-Pet Laws+Pass It Forward!—-> UPDATE:  RE-RELEASING THIS post (orig. published 3 yr ago)  to combat ARs trying to link this FACTUAL data with animal porn, which they are guilty of promoting, by EXPOLOITING animals to raise $$$, such as HSUS, plus PETA exploits both animals AND people and the legal profession, … Continue reading


“Putting out forest fires without dealing with the fuel buildup just perpetuates the problem because you’re not treating the root cause.”   That brings ~us~  to the question of the dogs.  It would seem that canine experts know why and what can make dogs dangerous, and it is frequently the topic of debate among members … Continue reading

Which “welfarist” Can’t see the Forest for the Trees?

This is what Gina Spadafori, one of the authors of  Pet Connection blog,  said when AB1634 was being forced on CA by Animal Rights: “Why are we still listening to clueless animal-rights activists, a game-playing dis-elected professional politician and an attention-seeking former game-show host?” —————————————————————————————————————- Our QUESTION to Spadafori, who is supposed to know “pets” having authored … Continue reading


See summary of common misrepresentations touted by extremists: artactic1-5 and  ar6-7 This is a very simple list of the most common crap used by animal extremists,  understand that when they say anything, it’s almost always BS, because  subterfuge and misrepresentations are used for almost everything they do.  For example, they will claim an alleged fact, but not … Continue reading