San Diego Tries Trade Restraint to Stop Sales of Pets



Please reject ordinance limiting the source of pets available to San Diego consumers

Take Action!

Animal shelters and rescues should not be given a monopoly on pet sales
  PD NOTE—–  The ordinance passed, no surprise there…………..   See our post on closing down legal enterprises!! 


The San Diego City Council is voting on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 2 pm on an ordinance to  limit the sources of pets available to San Diego residents.Please read NAIA’s Letter to the City Council of San Diego.
The ordinance would limit in-home breeders to selling or giving away no more than 20 dogs, cats or rabbits a year and it would prohibit commercial establishments from selling any dog, cat or rabbit unless it came from an animal shelter in San Diego. In short, it’s an ordinance designed to give shelters and rescues a marketplace advantage over other sellers.
The council has been heavily lobbied by animal rights groups and shelters and they have heard nothing but lopsided propaganda favoring the proponents. Please read our letter and the following points and contact the city council members today and urge them to reject the ordinance. 
The ordinance represents a restraint of trade imposed by government
This ordinance encourages shelters and rescues to monopolize the pet marketplace; 
There are no studies that show that the dogs from hobby breeders or even pet store dogs are a significant source of shelter dogs. On the other hand, there are studies showing that dogs adopted from shelters are more often relinquished to other shelters than are dogs from either of the sources targeted by this ordinance;
This ordinance would limit consumers to poor quality, unwarranted dogs in the marketplace;
This ordinance seeks to replace the most accountable sources of pets in the marketplace with the least accountable sources, as breeders and pet stores are regulated under a number of California laws that specifically exempt shelters;
The ordinance is based on language developed by animal rights groups and local shelters who would benefit financially from the ordinance;
While there are many good shelters and rescues, all it takes to be designated as a shelter or rescue under this ordinance is filing the right paperwork with the IRS, an agency that does not oversee animal husbandry or business practices;
This ordinance does nothing to address the source of the surplus shelter animal problem that this ordinance claims to solve, the constant importation (mostly illegal) of ten’s of thousands of dogs from Mexico into San Diego reported by the Centers for Disease Control and the US Customs and Border Patrol; and
This ordinance should be rejected because it is unAmerican in its approach to solving problems.
Please contact your city councilmember today and urge them to oppose the ordinance. To send an email, click on the Take Action link above right. Council members phone numbers are listed below:
Sherri Lightner      District 1 619-236-6611
Kevin Faulconer   District 2 619-236-6622
Todd Gloria         District 3  619-236-6633
Myrtle Cole         District 4  619-236-6644
Mark Kersey       District 5  619-236-6655
Lorie Zapf           District 6  619-236-6666
Scott Sherman     District 7  619-236-6677
David Alvarez      District 8  619-236-6688
Marti Emerald      District 9  619-236-6699
Thank you,
Patti Strand, Chairman, NAIA


In other words, as we have long said, ARs try and get anyone they can to buy into their plan of no  selling of animals UNLESS a non profit does it.  We FORSEE that laws such as this not only represent a trade restraint, but would create economic barriers without the necessity required, and further, the rationale for removing sales of animals is ludicrous.  On the surface the “charity” notion may pluck at heartstrings but the logic indicates there is no actual basis since the shelter dogs are not those bought and paid for, but normally have been given away or sold for $100 or less and have minimal value as far as the consumer market.

Why punish normal people simply because ARs want their way? You CANNOT FORCE FEED RESCUED DOGS TO CONSUMERS




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